The Christian hope and belief is simple: Death is not the end. There will be a time and place when we live again.

Christians understand that God, who is perfect love, loves us. It is God’s intention that, forever, we can know others and they will know us.

This way of thinking comes from events in Jerusalem 1,990 years ago. Jesus was brutally executed. People saw him 3 days later. They ate, talked and hugged. People spoke about it. They formed communities to remember him and his teaching. They wrote their stories down. They kept telling people about him.

Christians make a stunning claim. God gives us eternal life.

Death confronts us especially when people who are close or important to us die. We miss their touch and the sound of their voice. We recall times with them. We remember the fun we had with them and the lessons they taught us. Grief enters our life. Our bodies ache. Our tears run. Sometimes, grief seems to go forever.

Thinking about our own death overwhelms us. Often our main concern is for those we leave behind. We can wonder whether our life is worthwhile. We can celebrate good times and good people. We can battle our regrets.

The Christian approach to death doesn’t see death as the end of the story. We will know a renewed existence without tears, pain, grief, or despair. It is the hope of heaven.

Christians call this resurrection.

When you speak with many serious Christians you will discover 2 things. They have embraced this hope and seek to live good and meaningful lives because of it. They have also had periods of uncertainty and doubts. They too have many questions.

The promise of eternal life gives us confidence. It is God’s gift for humanity.

If we have a conversation one day you will hear the steps in my faith. There is God. God is love. Jesus was the closest to God we have ever known. Billions embrace His story. When God’s way of love guides people, life makes more sense. It is a power of good.

Christian confidence comes from a deep belief in God’s desire. God loves us and wants us to know that love forever. To know peace, joy, mercy, and contentment.

Happy Easter.

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