About Our Cathedral

The city’s castle

Our Cathedral dominates the skyline, gathering pilgrims, visitors and tourists to enjoy its splendid architecture, music and art.

The Cathedral Church of Christ the King, also called Christ Church Cathedral is the cathedral church of Newcastle Anglican and has been a place of worship for over 190 years.

Located at The Hill, in Newcastle, The Cathedral Church is notable for its size, Gothic Revival architecture, beautiful grounds, and its unique history.

It is 72.5 metres long, 26.5 metres wide, and 36.5 metres high and contains 160 windows, 72 of which are filled with beautiful stained glass.

From its position, the tower of the church stands 77.5 metres above sea level and 38.5 metres above the ground, dominating Newcastle and is clearly seen by day and when floodlit by night, from much of the city.

The Cathedral houses Newcastle’s principal War Memorial and Memorabilia and has an excellent musical tradition with a first-class choir and one of the finest pipe organs in Australia.

To find out more, visit the Christ Church Cathedral website.

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