Quality and Coordinated Therapy Services

Disability and mental health support

Samaritans, the social services arm of Newcastle Anglican, provides multidisciplinary therapy and behaviour support to meet a diverse range of client needs.

On the team are highly skilled allied health professionals—Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Behaviour Support Specialists—all ready to work with you.

The various services and supports are flexible, personalised, and provided at home or within the community.

Samaritans allied health teams are based in Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter, and Central Coast.

We give our help unconditionally with care and respect, empowering individuals to build their resilience and find their place in the community.

Occupational Therapy

Support from experienced occupational therapists to assist people with challenges and enhance their functional independence in daily living activities.

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Behaviour support strategies for families, individuals, and carers. Samaritan psychologists provide essential support that helps develop social skills, build relationships, and manage anxiety.

Speech Pathology

Services that support people with communication, eating, drinking, and more. Samaritan speech pathology services are delivered at Samaritan centres or at your home.

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Behaviour Support

Customised evidence-based support for people who have challenges regulating their thinking, feeling, and behaviour and aims to improve their quality of life.

Counselling and Mental Health Services

Counselling and mental health support for individuals, families, and people with disabilities. Samaritans also offer financial counselling as a free and confidential service.

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