Life Events

Significant occasions

Big experiences in life deserve special care. Whether it is a baptism, wedding or funeral, these life events are occasions of profound significance in your life that you may want to commemorate.

At Newcastle Anglican, we are here to offer support and encouragement through these momentous experiences, whether it is a celebration or a time of sadness and loss.

There are many life events where you may want to consider your local Anglican Church as the place for your special occasion and many of our churches are there to assist and support you.

To find out more, contact a church near you.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

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Baptism is seen as the beginning of a life of faith.

Many children get baptised in an Anglican Church as a way of joining God’s family. By bringing a child to baptism, parents are giving a sign that they encourage the development of their child’s body and soul in partnership with God.

Through baptism, and by joining God’s family, children begin life as Christians and are encouraged to belong, learn, and share.

Baptism arrangements vary slightly throughout Newcastle Anglican. Most of the time you will meet with your local Anglican priest who will explain the process at their church and arrange the details with you directly. You are welcome to contact your local church and ask questions without committing to a baptism.


A wedding ceremony highlights a couple’s love and care for each other.

In the Anglican Church, we encourage couples to consider marriage as a reflection of God’s love and look at the concepts at the heart of a Christian marriage such as faithfulness and family.

Marriage is an important decision, the promise and commitment you will make will be binding upon you for life, and in coming to the church for marriage, you are asking God to be part of your marriage.

We welcome all enquiries about getting married in an Anglican Church. Arrangements vary from church to church so please contact your local church to find out more information.


A Christian funeral marks the ending of a person’s life on earth in memory and hope. A funeral gives people the opportunity to give thanks for a person’s life and remember who they were to those who knew them. It helps people say goodbye and commend the person into God’s hands.

After the passing of someone you know and love, there are a few things that should be done first to prepare for the funeral. It’s important to check if your loved one has left directions for their funeral in their will, which may outline where they would like the funeral to take place, the nature of the service and whether they would prefer to be buried or cremated.

It is best to contact the priest first, before contacting the funeral director. People can also contact the priest when the person is dying as the minister can assist the person and their loved ones in preparing for death.

You can use our Find a Church tool to find the nearest or most convenient Anglican church for your needs.

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