Governance of Newcastle Anglican

Responsible management

The management and administration of Newcastle Anglican and its parishes are essential in running the diocese efficiently and responsibly.

Since its establishment, the management structure of Newcastle Anglican has evolved to incorporate changing expectations and circumstances of an Australian church organisation. It will continue to develop and transform as we move towards the future.

The responsibility of managing Newcastle Anglican and its entities lie with the Bishop, the Synod, The Diocesan Council, and the Newcastle Anglican Corporation (NAC).

Synod - Our Goverance


Synod is the gathering of the clergy and lay representatives of the diocese of Newcastle who with the Bishop will make decisions regarding various matters such as finances and budgets, legislations, canon law, the safety of children and vulnerable people, clergy appointments and dismissals, and other issues and concerns.

Newcastle Anglican Corporation (NAC)

Newcastle Anglican Corporation (NAC) was established and started operation in 2017. The role of the NAC is to oversee the temporal, financial, business, and administrative affairs of Newcastle Anglican. The NAC Board is accountable to the Diocesan Council and the Diocesan Synod and is responsible for advising the Bishop and the Diocesan Council on matters related to Newcastle Anglican’s various agencies.

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