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There are four schools associated with Newcastle Anglican. Each of our schools support each other in their ministry and mission. These schools are Scone Grammar, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, Manning Valley Anglican College, and Lakes Grammar–An Anglican School. 

The purpose of Newcastle Anglican Schools is to establish, promote, support, and provide effective governance to Anglican schools within and outside the Newcastle Anglican jurisdiction.

Each school’s focus is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to the students, staff, parents, and the wider community with care and understanding.

The Bishop has appointed a Chaplain in each school to be a key resource in the proclamation of the faith, in leading liturgy, in pastoral care and in supporting the teaching of the Christian Religious Studies Syllabus throughout the schools.

Newcastle Anglican aims to grow and develop the schools and believes in providing affordable, quality education with a Christian ethos in the Anglican tradition.

All Newcastle Anglican schools are low-fee centres of excellence, focusing strongly on pastoral care, Christian values and studies, academic and sporting achievement, and multi-faceted extra-curricular activities.

Each school is set in pristine, attractive surroundings with excellent facilities that benefit all students and staff. School councils, parents and friends’ groups work together to maintain efficient governance and plan the future of each campus.

“To establish and support low fee Anglican schools and encourage in them the growth of the Christian faith and worship which includes the school and extended communities.”

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