Early Childhood Education and Care

At Newcastle Anglican, we understand early intervention and care shape a child’s future, laying the foundation for healthy development. 

Early learning opportunities are the building blocks for future growth, behaviour, and wellbeing in children. They support a positive transition into schools and foster educational achievement.

To support those critical years of a child’s early learning and development, we have four Early Learning Centres (ELCs) across Newcastle Anglican that provide quality early learning and pathways into school— The Yellow Cottage Scone Grammar School preschool, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College preschool, Newcastle Early Learning Centre, and Woodbury Early Learning Centre.

The Yellow Cottage Scone Grammar School Preschool

Provides an inspiring environment for children to develop the skills and qualities needed to flourish in all aspects of life, including school.

A brightly dressed group of students from a Newcastle Anglican Early Learning Centre line up with an educator outside in their hats, ready for play.
A group of Newcastle Anglican Early Learning Centre kids play outdoors on ship themed outdoor play equipment

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College Preschool

Offers children the opportunity to complete their entire education journey on one campus by starting with Preschool.

Newcastle Early Learning Centre

Operated by Samaritans, this centre incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework into all aspects of the daily program.

A young boy showing off his coloured illustrations of dinosaurs
A group of young Newcastle Anglican children listening attentively in a class

Woodberry Early Learning Centre

Provides opportunities for children to develop to their fullest potential and embodies the belief that each family has the right to be respected. Operated by Samaritans.

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