Exceptional Learning Opportunities

Development of the whole child

Newcastle Anglican Education places great value on investing in children and young people and aim to offer them holistic opportunities in education and learning.

From early intervention strategies offering the best possible start in life to quality education through Newcastle Anglican schools, we provide our children and youth with an inclusive, dynamic, and family-orientated environment to be the best that they can be.

With a focus on Christian values and studies, Newcastle Anglican Education offers the delivery of Special Religious Education (SRE) in public schools and encourages a parish-based children, youth and family ministry.

Newcastle Anglican Schools

Four low-fee centres of quality education and care offering quality education with a Christian ethos in the Anglican tradition.

A group of young Anglican School students
Two primary school aged Anglican School children in class

Early Learning Centres

Some of our schools operate early learning centres providing quality early childhood education and care. We also have two centres operated by Samaritans in Newcastle and Woodberry.

School Scripture

A unique opportunity in NSW public schools for parents to have their children educated in the faith of their family.

A young student doing a reading during a church service

Stories from our Schools

Stories from our Diocese

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