Our Purpose is to Make a Difference

Affecting positive outcomes

Our impact in the community is shaped by the people we support and serve at the centre of our work.

Newcastle Anglican and its services will continue to advocate for a more fair and equitable society for all.

Parishes and Churches

Our parishes and their churches operate in a fiscally responsible manner encouraging people to

  • Know and worship God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Receive spiritual and religious ministry
  • Grow in knowledge of God and Christian living
  • Promote positive changes in society that fosters social justice and equality
  • Engender a sense of environmental responsibility and action

Our schools provide an environment where students are able to 

  • Be curious and self-confident learners, with a broad and deep knowledge base, and passion for learning
  • Develop an age-appropriate value, belief and ethical system informed by the Anglican approach to Christianity
  • Achieve their maximum personal, academic, sporting, creative, and cultural potential

Our parents and carers are encouraged to

  • Actively support the education and development of their child
  • Be confident about their child’s safety, wellbeing, and educational development
Aged Care

Our aged care services enable our residents and families to

  • Live their best life through health, dignity, and happiness
  • Receive excellent end of life care
  • Have confidence in the safety and wellbeing of their aging relative/friend who is supported by Anglican Care
Community Services

Our community services support our people to 

  • Take charge of their lives and to participate fully in their key environments, no matter their ability 
  • Overcome challenges and experience the best start in life
  • Get their lives back on track when they find themselves in emergency and crisis situations
  • Allow their voices to be amplified so that their needs and aspirations are heard
  • Give confidence to those who are accessing our services that their safety and wellbeing is in good hands

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