Making lives better

Why Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers are invaluable. They provide the essential support needed to deliver exceptional programs and activities to our community. 

When you volunteer with Newcastle Anglican you are helping make lives better, embodying our mission of nurturing vibrant ministry in parishes and regions across the diocese of Newcastle.

Volunteering with Newcastle Anglican is a great way to give back to the community and learn new skills.

Your efforts as a volunteer not only benefit us but also benefits you in many ways.

Benefits of Volunteering

Feel connected

Enhance your connection with the community, through service and helping others. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to develop your spiritual gifts and deepen your relationship with others.

Build social relationships

Connect with others and develop a broader perspective of their lives. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to build meaningful friendships by working towards a common goal.

Improve your health

When you help others, you experience positive physiological changes in your body. Studies show that people who volunteer have better physical and mental health.

Gives you a sense of purpose

Volunteering enriches your lives by giving you a sense of direction and purpose and offers you a rewarding experience as you help others.

Increase happiness

Increase your life satisfaction and happiness. Helping for the greater good improves your self-confidence and self-esteem and makes you feel good.

Advance your career

Develop various transferable skills through your church volunteer experience which can help you in any workplace.

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