Special Religious Education (SRE)

Spiritual Wellbeing

Special Religious Education (SRE), also known as School Scripture, is a unique opportunity in NSW public schools for parents to have their children educated in the faith of their family.

SRE has been in NSW public schools for over 130 years, from when the state took over from the churches in the provision of education. In NSW, some 250,000 children attend Christian SRE lessons, making it the largest ministry to children.

Under the Education Act, up to one hour per week is allowed for SRE (lessons are typically 30 minutes). Parents also have the right to choose SRE, and the right to withdraw their child from SRE‌.

The lessons are provided by authorised volunteers from approved providers, i.e. church groups that are approved by the Department of Education. SRE Volunteer teachers attend training in classroom management and Child Protection.

Volunteer SRE teachers must use an authorised curriculum. Lessons from the curriculum include activities such as songs, prayers, games, worksheets, drama, and discussions.

The curricula are Bible-based and include various topics, such as ancient history, Christian ethics, language, and opportunities for moral and spiritual development.

“I like going to Scripture because I learn about God’” – Isabelle, Year 1 student

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