Women staying at crisis accommodation centres in the Hunter are now being offered a more comfortable and better night’s sleep, thanks to a partnership between two local organisations.

The Pillow Project, an initiative between the Toronto Anglican Church and NOVA for Women and Children, provides women who are homeless or escaping family or domestic abuse with a ‘pillow menu’ and fresh pillowcases.

NOVA Marketing and Community Engagement Officer Wendy Pinch said the project aimed to offer additional support for women in distress.

“How many times do you go away and take your own pillow? I know I do. Your own pillow, or a decent one, gives you a much better night’s sleep,” she said.

“We wanted to be able to provide that little bit of extra comfort and a variety of pillows to choose from. Some people like a high, firm pillow, others like them cosy and soft.

“I’d like to say a huge thanks to Toronto Anglican Church and all involved – we are so happy to be able to offer this to the women and children we support.”

Reverend Melanie Whalley said the project was part of the Church’s Comfort and Care initiative, which was formed to provide more support to local refuges.

“Following a recent visionary meeting, we asked NOVA what they needed and what they would like to see happen, and that’s how the Pillow Project came about,” she said.

“The pillows are supplied through donations to the parish and support from local businesses. We’ve delivered dozens of them to NOVA so far.”

Apart from pillows, the church is also donating toiletries, as well as used mobile phones.

Reverend Melanie said the donations could help make a difference to the lives of domestic abuse victims or the homeless.

“Many women who are escaping domestic and family abuse require a new phone as they often flee without them or their devices are tracked and hacked,” she said.

“So, we donate used phones to help them attend court cases, appointments, read emails, and for general communication.”

Contact Reverend Melanie on 0488 413 186 or email melwhalley@live.com.au if you’d like to support the Pillow Project.

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