Delegates from all over Australia attended the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC)’s meeting in Cessnock last week.

Our Director of Reconciliation Aunty Di Langham gave the following account:

“Everyone was both disappointed and disturbed by the negative response to the Referendum the week before. We were all feeling numb and some of us were angry that a simple question had become so politicised.

We had a debriefing session and then went to the beach, where we paddled and allowed the sea to wash over us. Not only in a physical way but in a spiritual way.

During the Gathering, we also went up to the Wanaruah sites for an afternoon tour with local elders. That also became for us a spiritual connection and healing to our spirits. We had a bush tucker evening meal at Minimbah that everyone enjoyed.

We were pleased to have Bishop Peter, Bishop Charlie and Bishop Sonia visit us during our meeting and reports.

Most delegates told me that it was the best NATSIAC we have had for a long time.

I think that the verse in Isaiah concerning the “bent reed I will not break and the smouldering wick I will not snuff out” became very real to us as we claimed God’s Promise at this Gathering.

We came feeling very broken and the “fire in the belly” just flickering. But, as we had the ocean experience, the Gathering with “mob” and the visit to Biaime at Milbrodale, we are feeling that we are beginning to refresh.”

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