For International Nurses Day, Diocesan Chief Executive John Barriga and Acting Executive Director People Care Toby Mills pay tribute to our nurses and healthcare workers.

A message from John Barriga:

Anglican Care has wonderful nurses working across our facilities. They are at the frontline of our organisation. They build relationships with the people we support and understand their needs. They add value to who we are.

On International Nurses Day, we want to recognise the contribution of our nurses and celebrate their importance to Newcastle Anglican and the communities we support.

Our nurses perform complex tasks every day. From treating and preventing illness to ensuring the dignity of the people we support.

Our nurses are a vital support system for our aged care residents. They address clinical and physical needs and, just as importantly, provide emotional, cultural, mental, and spiritual support and connection. Our nurses often sacrifice time with their own families, including Easters and Christmas’, to care for the people we support.

Many of our nurses’ work in regional areas, and deal with the challenges that often brings. This was never more evident than during the peak of COVID-19.

Our Board recognises the importance of working together and is continuously collaborating with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and the Department of Health to see how we can best support our nurses in an ever-changing environment.

To our nurses, on International Nurses Day, and every day, thank you.

A message from Toby Mills:

International Nurses Day is an opportunity to recognise the people that invest their time and energy in this great profession.

Many of our nurses work overtime and additional hours to care for the people we support.

We know the industry is enduring a nursing shortage. This has only highlighted just how critical nurses are to the health and wellbeing of Australians.

We are grateful for our nurses every day. We want to take this opportunity to reflect and recognise the individuals working with Anglican Care. Our people are giving their utmost for those who are receiving care from us.

The theme of International Nurses Day this year is ‘Our Nurses. Our Future’.

Newcastle Anglican is seeking to meet new nursing requirements in all our services because, for us, nursing is part of our future.

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