The work of the Diocese is supported by many clergy and church workers who serve in both paid and voluntary roles. The recruitment framework is governed by the Safe Ministry to Children Canon 2017

  1. Any person being considered for ordination within the Diocese and any member of the clergy seeking to transfer to the Diocese participates in a comprehensive discernment process aimed at ensuring their suitability for ministry including interviews, national police check and reference checks people being considered for ordination in the Diocese also undertake pre-ordination psychological testing.
  2. The responsibilities for a member of the clergy are outlined in the Ordinal for Bishops, Priests and Deacons and in the Constitution, Canons, Ordinances and Policies in force in the Diocese of Newcastle. Clergy are responsible for familiarising themselves with them and will receive education and support especially at the time any of them is changed.
  3. Any person undertaking lay ministry participates in a rigorous recruitment, screening and selection process including interviews and reference checks.
  4. The Diocese is ensuring continued improvement in parish human resource management. Parishes are expected to develop role descriptions for all key roles. Sample role descriptions can be found at ( ) and a template for role descriptions can be found at
  5. Any person (ordained or lay) serving in a role involving child contact must have a clear NSW Working with Children Check (available to persons 18 years and over), a clear Anglican National Register Check, complete a Safe Ministry Screening Questionnaire including persons under the age of 18 years must complete an alternate form, and a reference check for them must be completed on the form prescribed form see here.
  6. The recruitment records for clergy, ordination candidates and licensed lay workers are maintained in the Diocesan office. The recruitment records for parish staff and lay ministry workers are maintained by the parish. Parishes may lodge an electronic copy of recruitment records in the Diocesan Office.
  7. Parishes must advice the Diocesan Office annually as part of the Parish Annual Returns, and at other times as required, the names of all volunteer church workers, their contact details, their roles and their Working with Children Check details.

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Policy updated – 5 July 2020

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