Dear staff, students, and families,

As we welcome you back to school after the break, I want to take a moment to express my excitement for the new year and the opportunities it brings. The start of a new year is always a time for fresh beginnings and new possibilities, and I am confident that 2023 will be a successful and fulfilling year for us all.

As we begin this new year, I want to remind you that our schools are a community of individuals who are all working towards a common goal: to provide the best possible education for our students. Whether you are a teacher, a support staff member, a student, or a family member, your role in this community is vital and appreciated.

Our schools are a safe and inclusive place for all students. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and discrimination, and we will continue to work hard to create a positive and supportive environment for all students. I encourage you to speak up if you see or experience anything that is not in line with this policy and to report any incidents to a teacher or staff member.

I also want to remind you of the importance of self-care and mental well-being. The past year has been challenging for us all, and it is important to take care of ourselves and each other as we navigate these uncertain times. I encourage you to seek support if you need it and to prioritize your mental and emotional health.

In conclusion, I want to express my appreciation for the dedication and hard work of our staff, students, and families. Together, we will make this a successful and fulfilling year, and I look forward to all that we will accomplish together. Let’s make 2023 our best year yet.


Paula Trood

Executive Director Education and Child Development

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