Safe Ministry Training

The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle is building safe churches to ensure church is safe for all to attend.

All people working with children or youth in ministry, including ministers and assistant ministers, are required to complete Safe Ministry Training. Safe Ministry Training is part of the Diocesan Safe Ministry Ordinance.  It requires that everyone involved in ministry to children and young people must undertake Safe Ministry training every three years.

Safe Ministry Training Workshops

Anglican Church Newcastle Workshops

To view the 2019 Safe Ministry Training dates click HERE
Register for an Anglican Church Newcastle workshop online.

Anglican Church Newcastle Online Workshops – SMR eTraining

To access the SMR eTraining through Open Learning visit:
The cost is $30 per person.
(Please download the SMR Safe Ministry etraining User Guide if you need assistance.)
Assistance – If you are having any difficulties with the course once you are on-line you can contact SMR via:

  • SMR Helpline Phone – 1800 070 511
  • SMR Helpline
  • At the Bottom of Each Module – There is a place for comments where you can ask for assistance and this will email direct to the SMR Helpline Email

Inter-Denominational Workshops

For the entire SCTA (Safe Churches Training Agreement) Safe Ministry Training inter-denominational workshop Calendar 2019 click HERE

Further Information

For further information, or to register for an Anglican Church Newcastle workshop, please contact us:

PO Box 817 Newcastle NSW 2300 (02) 4926 3733 Fax (02) 4926 1968  

For registration to all other denominations’ safe ministry training please contact the person on the calendar.

NB: You are able to attend a Refresher Workshop provided you have not let your safe ministry training lapse over the 3 year requirement otherwise you will need to attend the Full Day workshop.

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