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The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle is committed to ensuring that all people who participate in our worship, programs and ministries have a safe and rewarding experience.

God has commanded us to love one another. Ensuring a person’s safety is an expression of that love.

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A printed copy of the complete Parish Safety Policy, Frameworks and Guides is not produced by the Diocese. The website represents the up-to-date version. The policy was updated in December 2019 to reflect changes in Mandatory Reporting in NSW.

The Safe Ministry Policy of the Diocese of Newcastle is guided by NSW Legislation, the General Synod Safe Ministry to Children Canon, the Diocesan Council Ordinance and the Professional Standards Ordinance.

Keeping people safe is a shared responsibility

The bishops, clergy and lay people across the Diocese are committed to ensuring the safety of all people. We work together to ensure that policies and practices in place that are consistent with the Gospel, comply with NSW Law and comply with the Canons of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Various ordinances of the Diocese impose an obligation on the bishops, clergy, church officers and church workers to comply with these safety policies.

The Diocese is moving towards a safe ministry assurance program including a parish-based self-assessment.

The General Synod of the Anglican Church has commissioned audits of Diocesan Safe Ministry practices. This Diocese is scheduled for audit by March 2020.

We all have a responsibility to promote a a healthy church culture.

What if people are harmed at a church activity in the Diocese of Newcastle?

We are profoundly sorry that people were harmed when they were participating in church activities and that we were then slow to respond to their express concerns.

Our Director of Professional Standards and Survivor Support and Advocacy Service can be contacted on 1800 774 945.

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