Safe Ministry

Licence & Safe Ministry Checks

All licences require an application form and should be sent to the Bishop together with up to date Safe Ministry Check Details.

Safe Ministry checks include a Working with Children Check, a National Criminal History Check and Safe Ministry Training as accredited by the National Council of Churches under the Safe Church Training Agreement.  For clarification of what you need, please refer to Section 15 – 15.1 Ministry Clearance Form

The forms for licensing and safe ministry checks are listed below:

  1. Application for Licence – Person New to Diocese or Licensed Prior to 1 June 2013 (this form is for people who have never had a licence within this diocese)
  2. Application for Licence – Licensed After 1 June 2013
  3. Application for a Limited Permission to Officiate for a Member of the Clergy Aged Over 80
  4. Declaration, Release and Undertakings

All people requiring licences in the Diocese of Newcastle must complete a Working with Children Check:

All existing licence holders and SRE Teachers must advise the Diocese of their Working with Children Check number using the form below:

Working With Children Check Notification Form

All people who are required to lodge a WWCC must also have a current National Criminal History Check at the first occasion of licencing in the Diocese.

To obtain a new National Criminal History Check or information regarding this check please see the following web page which contains links to the online application form under the heading “FORMS” and Information Sheets under the heading “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS”:

You should post your completed forms marked Private and Confidential to:

The Bishop of Newcastle
PO Box 817