Exploring Ordained Ministry

Ordained ministry is one of the most challenging yet rewarding and exciting vocations in modern society.

We welcome inquiries from those exploring a calling to missional leadership in the Anglican Church in the particular context of this Diocese and its ethos. Our desire is to select appropriate candidates and prepare them for dynamic ministry in a changing world.

The experience of God’s call is wonderful and challenging. It might be that you have been encouraged by your parish to explore this direction or the stirring of your heart and mind has come in some other way.

Every year we work with people who explore giving themselves to full-time paid (stipendiary ministry) and those who explore self-supporting ministry. There are many opportunities for ordained ministry including parish work and chaplaincy.

We outline this Diocese’s stages of discernment, education and formation that have been approved by the Bishop of Newcastle.


You should make your initial expressions of interest to Bishop Sonia Roulston. She will explore your expression of interest with you at first over the phone and then may interview you. She will seek the views of those who know you and your ministry. Bishop Sonia will help you explore your readiness to explore a vocation to ordained ministry. She may also arrange an interview with our Diocesan Bishop who may invite you to enter the Diocesan Year of Discernment.

The Year of Discernment

During the Year of Discernment enquirers meet with Bishop Sonia to reflect on the nature of ordained ministry. Over the year you will participate in a number of further interviews and be expected to be active in ministry in your local parish or ministry setting.  At the end of the Year of Discernment enquirers may be invited to a discernment day where you will explore your calling to ordained ministry with a number of people appointed by our Diocesan Bishop.

Theological Education

Over this time people may also begin their theological education. Our theological education provider is Trinity Theological College in conjunction with the University of Divinity, Melbourne. The academic expectations can be found here.

Information about their degree programs can be found at on their website. Candidates in self supporting ministry may also complete degrees in this way or may be encouraged to consider the Certificate or Diploma in Theology through the Adelaide College of Divinity.


Should the Bishop agree to accept a person as a candidate for ordination, they will enter into a period of postulancy and then later a period of intensive formation. Information about this ongoing process is available from the Director of Vocations.

Updated and approved December 2019.