In this section, you will find information about this program including its goals, as well as expectations of supervisors and of participating clergy.  In addition, you will also find details of Approved Supervisors and you are encouraged to browse through the profiles to find a supervisor with whom you would like to work.

The coordinator of this program is Gill Fletcher, who can be contacted on 0439 498 400, or  A description of this role is also included below.

The goals of this program are to:

  • enhance the well-being and health of clergy, and the development of self-care
  • promote the development of clergy in their professional role and competence
  • assist clergy to minimize the risk of burnout and achieve a healthy work/life balance
  • provide a safe, supportive and independent environment for clergy to debrief on ministry experiences and reflect on professional practice
  • encourage clergy to be continually challenged to learn, and to develop their practice of ministry in the context of their Christian faith
  • assist clergy to establish appropriate boundaries in providing care for parishioners
  • contribute to an open, honest and supportive internal culture within the Diocese
  • form part of the Church’s response to heightened community expectations for greater transparency, accountability and professionalism in all its practices

Professional Supervisors listed on the Diocesan Register will:

  • be recommended, by the Diocesan Advisory Committee on Clergy Supervision, to the Diocesan Ministry Council for nomination as a Supervisor. This Committee will interview prospective supervisors to ascertain their suitability for this role to confirm the nominee has the qualifications, experience, skill and disposition to participate in this program
  • demonstrate a high level of understanding of the role of the supervisor, its complexities and challenges
  • be a current and active member of a related Professional Body with accreditation as a Supervisor, and therefore in supervision and ongoing professional development themselves
  • hold all appropriate forms of insurance including professional indemnity and public liability, and provide a notation of that insurance to the Diocese, noting that the Diocese does not provide any form of insurance for professional supervisors on the Diocesan Register
  • provide a current Working with Children Check, a Criminal History Check, and consent to a Professional Standards check to be undertaken by the Director of Professional Standards. Evidence of Safe Ministry training would also be welcome (although not essential).
  • can acknowledge and support the distinctively Christian nature of the supervisee’s ministry
  • ensure they do not have any dual relationship with their supervisees (including pastoral, worshipping or other working relationship). Any real or potential conflict of interest must be disclosed immediately to the program coordinator
  • be aware of the mission and vision of the Diocese of Newcastle by reading the publications forwarded to supervisors by the Diocese
  • be familiar with the document ‘Faithfulness in Service’, which will be provided to supervisors by the Diocese, and enable clergy to reflect on their practice in the light of that document. If someone has been or is being harmed by an officeholder, the supervisor has an obligation to raise that concern firstly with the supervisee, before informing the Bishop and Director of Professional Standards
  • maintain strict confidentiality of all interactions with the supervisee, in compliance with legal and professional requirements. In the event the supervisor has serious concerns about the wellbeing of the supervisee, the supervisor has an obligation to discuss this with the individual to ensure the concern is reported to the Bishop
  • attend a professional supervisors’ forum in the Diocese each year
  • offer a supervision framework that is consistent with the goals of the program as listed above
  • provide the Diocese of Newcastle with a short description of their professional qualifications and approach to Professional Supervision which would be available to be viewed on the Diocesan website
  • encourage the clergy being supervised to be involved in ongoing learning and ministry development
  • challenge the clergy to reflect on their approaches to ministry in specific situations and offer alternative ministry strategies
  • ensure issues raised fit within the scope of supervision, or refer to counselling/spiritual direction as appropriate

Clergy holding the Bishop’s license and in receipt of a stipend are expected to:

  • select a Supervisor from the Diocesan Register, and enter into a contract for supervision, including frequency and location. In the interests of maintaining appropriate professional boundaries, the Supervisor should not be clergy from within the same denomination.
  • allocate preparation time prior to each session of supervision in order to identify specific issues of focus to be discussed in that session
  • ensure that, each calendar year, they undertake ten sessions of supervision (approximately monthly).  At least five sessions must be individual supervision.  The remainder may be group supervision with a maximum of four clergy present.
  • in exceptional circumstances, additional sessions may be undertaken, with the prior approved of the Bishop
  • understand that the standards outlined in ‘Faithfulness in Service’ are those that they are upholding in their ministry and form the background to the supervision sessions
  • be open to engaging in new ways of dealing with ministry experiences
  • consult with their Professional Supervisor in matters of concern or emergency between sessions
  • be committed to ongoing learning and ministry development
  • submit the Annual Supervision Statement to the Program Coordinator by the end of each calendar year

Clergy serving as Priests and Deacons in Local Mission, as well as church workers holding the Bishop’s licence, may choose to be involved in Professional Supervision as described by these regulations, with the exception that only five sessions each calendar year will be funded by the Diocese and their Parishes.

Supervisors should provide an invoice following each supervision session, addressed to the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, for submission to the Executive Officer of the Diocesan Ministry Council by the supervisee.

Clergy should be aware that the Diocese will seek reimbursement for fifty percent of the costs of the Supervision from their Parish or Sector ministry.  Supervision fees in excess of the agreed rate ($180 + gst in 2018) are to be borne directly by the supervisee. Travel costs incurred by supervisors will be reimbursed at the rate of 79.5 cents per km.

All invoices should be sent to or mail to PO Box 817, Newcastle NSW 2300

Name: Penny Bell

Relevant qualification/s: Ad Dip Family Counselling, Grad Dip Christian Counselling, M. Counselling

Professional membership/s: ACA, PCA, CCAA, ARCAP reg.

Phone: 0416043884


Practice address: 9 Carlyon St, Killarney Vale, NSW, 2261

Church affiliation: Christian Outreach Centre (Coast Alive, Charmhaven)

Practice outline: I provide a safe and confidential environment for people who work with people to discuss and process issues and situations that arise in their professional life. I see supervision as a working alliance between supervisor and supervisee, so my approach is person-centred whilst providing support, insight and feedback, and encouraging exploration and self- reflection.  I use an integrative model of supervision that unites Christianity and psychology.  I am just as comfortable working one on one or with a group, and I am also able to provide supervision via Skype or FaceTime.

Other: My available hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9.30 and 5.30, and some Monday and Friday afternoons. I’m prepared to travel for group supervision if required, within 20 km.  I am also able to provide supervision via Skype.

Name: Dinah Eades Buchanan

Relevant qualification/s: Master of Counselling (UNE) / Grad Dip Gestalt Therapy / Spiritual Direction studies  / Cert 1V Assessment & Training

Professional membership/s: PACFA Reg Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor

Phone: 0439 752 710


Practice address: 9 Marcus Close, Springfield, NSW 2250

Church affiliation: Impact Church, Erina, NSW 2250

Practice outline: Dinah has offered therapeutic services for over 25 years in Sydney, on the Mid North Coast, and the Central Coast, NSW. She has been a Clinical Supervisor for over 15 years, and a Gestalt Trainer, Counselling and Professional Supervision Educator, for the past 15 years.  Dinah’s therapeutic focus includes personal / spiritual development, life transitions, working with depression, anxiety, grief and bereavement, and working with dreams, and metaphor. One of her main interests is the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy, and understanding psychological crisis through a transpersonal lens. Her main passion is mentoring and supervision of practitioners, and others with a calling to help others. Dinah is also completing a spiritual direction formation program through the University of Divinity Melbourne.

Other: In addition to individual face to face supervision, Dinah also offers supervision for small groups, and via video link for some individual sessions.  She is available Tuesday – Saturday and is willing to travel.

Name: Mandy Cox

Relevant qualification/s: B.Min; MA Couns; Grad Cert Supervision; CPE; Spiritual Direction

Professional membership/s: PACFA (Registration no 23451 Clinical and Supervision) and Certified Bereavement Practitioner

Phone: 0401 344 577


Practice address:Shop 1, 47 Glebe Road, The Junction NSW 2291

Church affiliation: Anglican/Baptist

Practice outline: I have sound knowledge and experience in both working for and participating in congregational life.  With my husband, we have worked in Katherine, Darwin, Melbourne and Canberra across a range of ministries over the last 25 years.

I am a registered counsellor, specialising in grief and loss and bring a solid understanding of these themes into my work.  I have provided supervision to clergy, spiritual directors and trainee counsellors and spiritual directors over the last 5 years.

I offer individual and group supervision.

Availability: Mondays and Thursdays

Other: I am able to meet for supervision in the Newcastle and Maitland regions and can also provide supervision via Zoom.

Name: David McDonald

Relevant qualification/s: BA Theology, B Social Work, Master of Arts (Theology); Grad Cert in Professional Supervision

Professional membership/s: Australasian Association of Supervising   (No. 0803154)

Phone: 0419 557 75


Practice address: Bonny Hills, NSW

Church affiliation: Salt Community Church

Practice outline: I have a background of more than 30 years in ministry leadership, having worked as a church planter, pastor, ministry team leader, university chaplain, sports chaplain, mentor, senior pastor, and professional supervisor. I offer supervision to pastors and Christian leaders in any context, role or stage of development. I am very comfortable with online as well as face to face supervision. My philosophy of supervision involves creating a secure space to facilitate learning and growth, shaped by reflection and action, informed by the gospel of God’s grace in the Scriptures. I am keen to support and encourage people to persevere in faithful and fruitful Christian lives and ministry.

Name: Felicity (Foss) Fizelle

Relevant qualification/s: B. Psych (Hons); M Clin. Psych.

Professional membership/s: Australian Psychological Society (APS); EMDR Association of Australia  (EMDRAA)

Phone: 0423 011 485 / 4984 3663


Practice address: 35 Stockton St, Nelson Bay OR 17 Irambang St, Nelson Bay, 2315 or negotiated to suit

Church affiliation: All Saints Anglican, Nelson Bay

Practice outline: A warm welcome… The process of supervision is worthwhile if one is growing as a result, personally and professionally. Therefore, I invite people to reflect, consider alternatives and identify growing edges. At other times it is important to just notice what is happening and allow God to breathe life where it’s needed. Good listening can help identify what is important to discuss. I take a holistic approach to wellbeing and view a persons ‘health’ as vital for a life-giving ministry. I like to collaborate with supervisees with respect to what approach to supervision works best for them as this can change over time. However, I consider confidentiality as one of the foundations of the supervision space. I work with individuals and groups and each offers something different. Group supervision provides the opportunity to receive support and encouragement from colleagues whose experiences can often be similar therefore reducing a sense of isolation.

Other: In addition to individual face to face supervision, I also offer supervision for small groups, and via skype/zoom for some individual sessions, particularly if you live in rural or remote places.  I am available Monday- Thursday, and am willing to travel.

Name: Adrian Flemming

Relevant qualification/s: BA Theology (Avondale College), MA Religion & Pastoral Care (Andrews University), Post Grad Diploma Pastoral Supervision (SCD), Post Grad Diploma Coaching Supervision (CSA)

Professional membership/s: Supervisor, Australian Association of Supervisors, Supervisor Educator, New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education

Phone: 4377 1124  (No mobile signal at home 0424 081 380)


Practice address: 109 Glenworth Valley Rd Wendoree Park NSW 2250

Church affiliation: Seventh-day Adventist (ordained Pastor)

Practice outline: I value diligent yet gentle reflection on self in ministry to others in God’s presence.  I foster your established ability to reflect on ministry events and relationships in order to discover options that bring fulfillment and direction. After 46 years of parish, youth, chaplaincy, teaching and supervisory ministry I have learned to trust the relational process of ministry as the resource for learning and transformation.  Supervision can assist you to integrate your formal ministry training and denominational tradition into the challenges of practical ministry. I group supervise as it multiples learning, and I also individually supervise via Skype or video link as a very effective use of time.

Other: Available by arrangement with supervisees or group members. Initial appointments are in person, and I will travel for two or more supervisory sessions in one location.  The lower Central Coast is preferred.

Name: Gill Fletcher

Relevant qualification/s: BA, Grad Dip (Counselling)

Professional membership/s: Clinical member, PACFA; accredited mental health practitioner and supervisor

Phone: 0439 498 400


Practice address: Nelson Bay, or by mutual arrangement

Church affiliation: Nelson Bay Baptist

Practice outline: I greatly value the role of supervision in my own professional practice, and feel passionate about extending this experience to others in professions with high expectations in the way we serve others. With a commitment to ongoing learning and development, I believe this happens best when we feel supported and encouraged, and I endeavour to create that space in supervision. As well as my experience as a counsellor and supervisor, I have held various senior management roles – a combination that is often helpful for my clients.  I have served in leadership roles in my own church for the past 13 years.

Other: In addition to individual face to face supervision, I also offer supervision for small groups, and via video link for some individual sessions.  I am available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, and am willing to travel.

Name: Kevin Glasheen

Relevant qualification/s: PhD; M Soc Sci(Couns);Grad Dip Soc Sci(Couns); B Ed St; Grad Dip  Ed St(Pas Guid); Dip T.

Professional membership/s: PACFA

Phone: 0421 909 056

Practice address: 105 Scarborough Street, Southport, Q. (Also available in Tweed Heads)

Church affiliation: Catholic

Practice outline: Experienced guidance counsellor and supervisor. Private practice as counsellor and clinical supervisor of practitioners. Extensive experience in the clinical supervision of school counsellors in training. Both face-to-face and online supervision available.

Other: Education background in Catholic and Government systems. Experience as university lecturer in field of counselling.

Name: Bernard Goldman

Relevant qualification/s: BJuris LLB D Clin Psych B Soc Sci (Psych) (Hons)

Professional membership/s: MAPS; Conjoint Associate Professor (UON); Clinical Psychologist

Phone: 0427 710 155


Practice address: 29 Bay Street Swansea NSW 2281

Church affiliation: Anglican/ Catholic

Practice outline: Supervisees can expect that I will provide a “safe space” for them to explore issues of concern relating to their Ministry in a confidential environment. My style is to actively listen to the issues raised and support the supervisee to find their way to resolve their issues. In my experience, the main functions in supervision usually involve a “restorative” function where the supervisee discusses challenges in their ministry in a way that enables a return to their work feeling renewed; and a “reflective” function where the supervisee is able to reflect on their work and their key relationships in a way that promotes  a deepening experience of their ministry.

Other: Available Monday – Thursday. My office is located in a small cottage near Lake Macquarie. I am also available for Zoom sessions.

Name: Fiona J. Hancock

Relevant qualification/s:MA, Grad Cert in Professional Pastoral Supervision, Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Theology

Professional membership/s: Australasian Association of Supervision, Australian Christian Mentoring Network

Phone:0415 993 282

Practice address:63 Lizray Road, Federal, NSW 2480

Church affiliation: Churches of Christ NSW

Practice outline: Grounded in relationship with the Trinity, I offer supervisees gracious relationship in which to reflect on their ministry.  Who I am as a woman in Christ is the foundation of my calling to supervise clergy.  I enjoy connecting through conversation and draw on a variety of supervisory approaches to encourage supervisees.

Other: I work from a studio adjacent to my home – a peaceful, confidential and beautiful rural setting, which is conducive to reflective practice.  In the early 2000s, I worked as a Spiritual Care Coordinator for Catholic Healthcare, so have some familiarity with Catholic doctrine and practice.

Name: Mr. Neil Harris

Relevant qualification/s: M.Couns, Grad Dip Couns, B.Couns

Professional membership/s: CCAA Clinical member and Supervisor, PACFA Clinical member and Supervisor

Phone: 0438 233 953

Email: or

Practice address: Level 1, Suite 5, 120 Erina Street, Gosford, NSW

Church affiliation: Baptist. Narara Valley Baptist Church

Practice outline: The minister/pastor can expect from me a relational process that is confidential and as such a safe place to explore and reflect upon their life’s work as pastoral careers and ministers representing the office of the church. It is my task to bring to supervision a high level of skill and experience to the supervisory process. I will invite the minister/pastor into a process of self-reflection so as to increase their personal insight as well as work with and respond to the agenda presented for supervision. I am open to providing group supervision and video link supervision once a few face to face meetings have occurred.

Other: Availability: Monday 9.00am – 5.30pm, Tuesday 9.00am – 5.30pm, Wednesday 12.00pm – 8.30pm, Friday 9.00am – 6.30pm, Saturday 9.00am – 1.00pm (3 out of 4 weekends).
I am prepared to travel on a Thursday if the there is a need and it included at least 4 sessions in the day. Initially with distance I am prepared to travel as far as the Taree area if required. I am open to skype supervision once a face to face relationship has been established.

Name: Pastor Kim Langford

Relevant qualification/s: B.A Honours (History, English, and Philosophy) Postgrad. Dip Adult and Community Education B. Human Services with Counselling major Grad. Dip. Pastoral Counselling Grad. Cert. Professional Supervision (GCPS) Advanced Dip. Meaning-Centred Therapy Specified Ministry of Lay Preacher and authorised Presider of Sacraments Uniting Church since 2011 Specified Ministry of Pastor Uniting Church since 2012

Professional membership/s: Supervisor Member of Australasian Association of Supervisors (AAOS) and Transforming Practices (TP) Viktor Frankl Institute of Australia (Logotherapy) Accredited Member 2018-2020 International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis Level 2 Member Australian Counselling Association.

Phone: 0418 694 296


Practice address: 5/3 Roma Rd Valentine (home office) or by other arrangement with supervisee as needed, such as Skype or telephone/video link sessions.

Church affiliation: Uniting Church in Australia, ministry in congregational placement, Tertiary Chaplaincy, Lay Preaching and Aged Care Pastoral Practice.

Practice outline: My approach to supervision is to create a warm, safe and professional environment in which supervisees can explore their work context and be nurtured in their ministry role. Together we attend to the normative, formative and restorative tasks of supervision in ways that are creative and recognise preferred learning styles. I am strongly influenced by the Seven-Eyed Model of professional supervision which invites a collaborative response to the theological, social, ethical, and interpersonal dynamics of any ministry situation. My qualifications and experience are diverse, offering wide ranging perspectives on contemporary issues affecting ministry and a passion for life-long learning. I maintain a commitment to my own professional supervision in my various ministry roles, which over the last 5-10 years have been in congregational ministry, aged care pastoral practice and tertiary chaplaincy.

Other: In addition to individual face-to-face supervision, I also offer supervision for small groups if you have colleagues who would like to gather together for this. Availability: Monday, Tuesday afternoon (3.30-6pm), Wednesday, Thursday afternoon (3.30-6pm), Friday.

Name: Susan Marcuccio

Relevant qualification/s: Master of Arts (Pastoral Ministry), Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Pastoral) (Clinical), Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership, Pastoral Supervision Training (Transforming Practices), Cert IV Christian Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care, Ordained Minister ACC.

Professional membership/s: Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) – Supervisor Trainer; AAOS Board Member – Chair of Training Standards and Membership; Transforming Practices – Supervisor; Chaplaincy Australia –National Supervision Director, NSW/ACT State Director

Phone: 0412 237 587


Practice address: Shop 1, 561 Main Rd, Glendale, NSW OR 215 Pacific Highway, Charmhaven, NSW OR 30 Cowper St, Parramatta, NSW

Church affiliation: Australia Christian Churches

Practice outline: Susan is an experienced Professional/Pastoral Supervisor, a recognised Supervisor/Supervisor Trainer with Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) and a member of Transforming Practices. She is also a Board Member, Membership Coordinator and Chair of Training Standards for AAOS. Susan specializes in the provision of supervision to supervisors, pastors, leaders, chaplains and pastoral carers as well as allied health professionals. Susan is also an advocate and researcher in the area of supervision with a passion to see all those in the helping professions receive quality non-judgmental confidential support, and engage in transformational learning.

Other: Individual and group supervision in NSW – Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle. Skype also available nationally.

Name: Alison Martin

Relevant qualification/s: Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), Certificate IV Christian Counselling and Family Therapy, Graduate Certificate Professional Supervision (Clinical / Pastoral)Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), Certificate IV Christian Counselling and Family Therapy, Graduate Certificate Professional Supervision (Clinical / Pastoral)

Professional membership/s: Australian Association of Social Work, Australasian Association of Supervision and Chaplaincy Australia

Phone: 0412 552 546


Practice address: Together Community Centre, Cinema Complex, Ken Tubman Drive, Maitland

Church affiliation: Australia Christian Churches (ACC)

Practice outline: I am passionate about providing a supportive, creative and reflective space for those ministering to others.  A qualified supervisor, I have a diverse background in ministry, leadership, counselling and community engagement across church, community, health and education sectors.  My heart is to refresh, support and strengthen the well-being, development and practice of those in ministry and leadership.  Supervisees can expect a dynamic, confidential, encouraging and transformational supervision relationship.  I am happy to provide individually tailored pastoral supervision either face to face in the Hunter area (Maitland) or via phone/video and am willing to facilitate group supervision on request.

Other: I am prepared to travel  up to 50km north of Maitland and I am happy to provide supervision via phone, Skype or other video formats.

Name: Valerie Milner

Relevant qualification/s: Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) from St Marks Theological College Canberra, Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) from Newcastle University, Advanced Diploma of Christian Counselling & Family Therapy from   Australian Institute of Family Counselling (AIFC)

Professional membership/s: Australasian Association of Supervisors (AAOS)
Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

Phone: 0406 047 800


Practice address: The Place Community Centre Pearson Street Charlestown

Church affiliation: Macquarie Life Church Cardiff

Practice outline: I have 20 years counselling experience and have worked in private practice as an accredited mental health social worker for approximately 9 years.  As a supervisor I have worked with a range of people from various professional backgrounds and currently provide supervision to a number of professionals and leaders within community and church based environments. I approach supervision as a supportive, educative place where supervisor and supervisee work collaboratively to maintain a safe, reflective learning environment that encourages personal and professional growth.  To me supervision provides a great space to explore and process ministry/work based issues as well as serving to enhance confidence and competence.

Other: Availability:  Tuesday to Thursday, In addition to individual face to face supervision I also offer supervision for small groups and via Skype for some individual sessions. I am able to travel within a 60 klm radius of Newcastle.

Name: Richard Morrison

Relevant qualification/s: B.Th, Dip.Min (ACT); Master of Counselling (UNE); PhD (Sociology, Newcastle)

Professional membership/s: Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (Reg. 21430)

Phone: 0407 579 192


Practice address: 92 Elder Street, Lambton NSW 2299

Church affiliation: New Lambton Anglican

Practice outline: I believe the key to good supervision is rapport built on trust and mutual respect. I see the supervisor not as an expert but as an alternate vantage point from which to view self and others. I work to tailor supervision to meet the needs of each individual and use a variety of approaches to keep the supervision fresh and invigorating. I have been providing clergy specific supervision since 2011 and also have many years experience facilitating small groups which enriches my group supervision. I like to describe supervision as a safe place to celebrate successes, wrestle with troubles, think reflectively and strategically, and to address the multiple roles clergy hold in today’s world.

Other: In addition to individual face to face supervision, I also offer supervision for small groups, and via video link for some individual sessions.  I am available most days, and willing to travel.

Name: Jill O’Dell

Relevant qualification/s: Grad. Cert Professional Supervision

Professional membership/s: AAOS, Spiritual Care Australia, Chaplaincy Australia

Phone:0448 583 585


Practice address:12 Greenfields Ave. West Kempsey 2440

Church affiliation: Catholic

Practice outline: I offer pastoral supervision with an approach of providing individuals, a safe place to stop, reflect, evaluate and learn from life’s and work practice experiences. 

With a focus on theological reflective practice, I encourage a process for developing resilience and a strong awareness of self along with ways individuals can support themselves personally, spiritually, emotionally, professionally.

I have a background in chaplaincy, parish ministry, training, and finance.

Supervision is offered face to face in the Mid North Coast NSW area and nationally via Zoom.

“Supervision interrupts practice. It wakes us up to what we are doing.” (Sheila Ryan, 2004)

Name: Veronica Peters

Relevant qualification/s: Psychologist, Family Therapist  – Bsc. (Psych), Cert in Family Systems Theory

Professional membership/s: Member Australian Psychological Society, Member Australian Association of Family Therapy

Phone: 0411 612 610


Practice address: 26 Hopkins St, Speers Point NSW 2284

Church affiliation: Grace Evangelical Church, Glendale

Practice outline: I would offer an opportunity to discuss workplace challenges, change, and the ability to explore how the personal impacts the professional area of the supervisee’s life.  Time management, people management and improving leadership within the role that one has might also be useful areas of discussion.  Self-care and burnout prevention are ongoing struggles in any challenging profession/calling and might also be a topic area that would generally be helpful. Addressing relationships in a person’s life is particularly helpful when one is dealing largely with relationships in their day-to-day job, so it might at times be important to look more closely at your own closest relationships, how you are managing in these and what you can work on.

Other: In addition to individual face to face supervision, I also offer supervision for small groups, and via video link for some individual sessions.  I am available Monday – Friday, and willing to travel.  I work in Foster/Tuncurry on a monthly basis.

Name: Grahame Smith

Relevant qualification/s: BA Soc Sc (Counselling) (Human Resource Development) from Southern Cross University (S.C.U), Dip.Prof.Couns (Workplace) (Relationships) from Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (A.I.P.C), Dip.Career.Guid from Australian College of Career Guidance (A.C.C.G), Clinical Supervision Training….A.I.P.C, Cert IV ‘s in Training and Assessment.

Professional membership/s: A.R.C.A.P Registered, Prof M.C.D.A.A, M.P.C.A (ACT/N.S.W), A.C.A (Level 4), Registered Level 3 Counselling Supervisor with A.C.A College of Supervisors and Registered Level 1 Clinical Counsellor with A.C.A College of Clinical Counsellors.

Phone: 0428 218 808


Practice address: 28 Deans Ave Singleton Heights 2330 NSW

Church affiliation: Windsor District Baptist (15yrs,) Singleton Baptist Church (20yrs)

Practice outline: Supervision needs to provide a safe place where self-care and personal wellbeing is enhanced. One of the main aims is to minimize the risk of burnout and help protect the quality of life. I have spent 30 years supporting Christian Counsellors, Pastors, Ministers and Priests through their professional, personal and spiritual journeys. As such I believe supervision is a collaborative journey between the person seeking supervision and the supervisor providing it. Over the years I have been in the roles of Senior Lay Pastor, Pastoral Overseer, Church Administrator and eventually Clinical Supervisor which gave me the privilege of working with Church Leaders and in turn obtain a better understanding of the difficulties they faced in their profession and calling. I am can provide supervision face to face, by Skype and also in small groups.

Name: Theresa Taylor

Relevant qualification/s: Professional/ Pastoral Supervisor; Bachelor of Social Work (BSW);  Master of Theology (MTH);  Bachelor of Theology (BTH);  Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE); Graduate Certificate in Counselling

Professional membership/s: Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW); Sydney College of Divinity  (Associate Theology Lecturer); Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Retreat Ministries, Sydney Team

Phone: 0432 351 231


Practice address: 129 Donnison Street, Gosford NSW or Bethany Centre 18A Margaret Street, Strathfield NSW

Church affiliation: Catholic. In my practice I work with supervisees from various Denominations.

Practice outline: I have several years experience as a professional/ pastoral supervisor. In my practice I value the importance of being fully present to the supervisee in every aspect integral to the supervisee’s pastoral ministry experience. Within this holistic approach, I draw on a reflective/ strengths-based model that aims to empower the supervisee to critically explore ministry life experiences with the purpose of developing a strong coherent and effective pastoral presence. I provide individual and group supervision.

My background experience includes a wide range of pastoral ministries/ spirituality and adult faith education in parish/ community, diocesan, university and hospital environments. I have a broad range of experience in cross-cultural living and have worked overseas in New Zealand, the Pacific, Italy and the UK.

Other: Availability – Monday to Friday and Saturdays. I am prepared to travel to Newcastle/Maitland. I can provide supervision via Skype when required.

Name: Meg Toon

Relevant qualification/s: BA, M.Counselling

Professional membership/s: CCAA (Clinical and Accredited Supervisor), PACFA (Clinical), ARCAP (RN) Australian Music Therapy Assn (Registered).

Phone: 0414 238 614


Practice address: 8 Barrenjoey Road, Ettalong Beach, NSW 2257

Church affiliation: Current: Churches of Christ; Past: Confirmed Anglican

Practice outline: A safe environment where the different aspects of pastoral and parish work can be addressed in confidence, with reference to their effect on Ministry and self care.  Aspects could include debriefing, ethical considerations, stress and pastoral pressure management. Meg is a committed Christian and a member of the Emmaus / Cursillo community with experience of many forms of worship including three, eight day, silent retreats in a Roman Catholic retreat centre. As a Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor; Registered Nurse and Music Therapist, Meg has experience in clerical / pastoral supervision; family pressures; medical and palliative care; trauma and abuse; disability and mental health plus cross-cultural and refugee challenges. She worked in Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina throughout 2001 with traumatised and disabled children and young adults. and then in Tasmania providing trauma counselling and music therapy to war-traumatised ex-refugees, and supervision to volunteer helpers. She has also been a carer for close family members with dementia and multiple disabilities.

Other: In addition to individual face to face supervision, Meg also offers supervision for small groups, and via video link for some individual sessions.  She is available Monday and Wednesday, and is happy to travel north and west of Newcastle, being available Friday, Saturday and Monday if traveling.

  • Participate on the Anglican Diocesan Advisory Committee on Clergy Supervision
  • In conjunction with this Committee, make recommendations to the Bishop for nomination as a Supervisor. This includes meeting with prospective supervisors to ascertain their suitability for this role to confirm the nominee has the qualifications, experience, skill and disposition to participate in this program
  • In conjunction with Archdeacons/Area Deans, encourage all clergy to be engaged in supervision by providing accessible supervisors throughout the Diocese
  • Coordinate the submission of Annual Supervision Statements at the end of each calendar year
  • Act as the first point of contact for approved and potential supervisors
  • Facilitate the annual professional supervisors’ forum
  • Ensure the Supervisor Register is current and accurate on the website
  • Coordinate all compliance paperwork in conjunction with Professional Standards. This includes the professional standards check/working with children check/national police check and relevant insurances as outlined in the framework

Annual Supervision Statement

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