A better future starts with a true expression of Australia’s history.

Newcastle Anglican is a leading faith-based organisation serving the people of the Hunter and Central Coast. We operate on the traditional lands of the Awabakal, Biripi, Darkinyung, Geawegal, Kamilaroi, Worimi, Garrigal, and Wonnarua peoples.

As a Christian organisation, storytelling is an important part of our eldership. God has been inspiring authors and narrators for millennia.

So, too, have our First Nations peoples.

Australia’s 60,000-Year History

Our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples share the wisdom of a 60,000-year-old story. Australia’s history cannot be reduced to 235 years.

More than 750,000 Aboriginal people inhabited Australia thousands of years before colonisation. The indigenous peoples lived harmoniously. They developed languages, rituals, customs, and above all, a deep connection with land.
It is inescapable that we observe we are on land that has been colonised.

Conflict in our own Anglican history

The Crown established The Diocese of Newcastle by Letters of Patent in 1847. Our history is intrinsically linked with colonisation. Our leaders, often wealthy men, have made mistakes. The Aboriginal people of our region were dispossessed of their land and oppressed. We lament the reality of bloodshed and massacres.

We know this has caused unresolved and ongoing tension for us as a Diocese and as a community. We can’t right the wrongs of the past, but we can help ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. We choose to change the patterns of privilege.

A fair and truthful relationship

The Uluru Statement of the Heart invites the nation to “create a better future” with some key reforms:

  • Voice: enshrining a First Nations Voice in the Australian Constitution.
  • Makarrata: the coming together after a struggle to supervise a process of agreement-making between governments and First Nations and truth-telling about our history.

We wholeheartedly accept the invitation.

How we come together

Newcastle Anglican is guided by six core values: compassion, integrity, justice, courage, wisdom, and faith.

These values guide us as we work toward meaningful reconciliation. We commit to the joyful and demanding journey of Makarrata: conflict resolution, peace-making, justice, and treaty.

Newcastle Anglican offers unequivocal support to a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Our mission is for our people to flourish, because of what we do, inspired by the way of Jesus. We believe The Voice will help First Nations people to flourish.

We ask our community to join us in support of The Voice. Vote ‘yes’ in the 2023 Referendum, so all Australians have the opportunity to flourish.

A better future starts with a true expression of Australia’s history.

To find out more about The Voice, please read the Uluru Statement of the Heart:
The Voice Design Principles – Uluru Statement from the Heart

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