telarah-parishSt Lukes, Telarah
St Christopher’s Rutherford

St Luke’s corner of South St and Capp St, Telarah St Christopher’s corner of Verge St and Gillies St, Rutherford  92 Gillies St Rutherford NSW 2320  (02) 4932 8604


Parish Organisations

Pop Up Op-Shop Saturday 9:00-12:00 at the Parish Hall on the corner of South St and Capp St, Telarah
Messy Mass 6pm on the first Saturday of the month at St Christopher’s
Friends of the Parish meets at 1:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month at St Christopher’s
Mission Group meets at 10am on the second Tuesday of the month at St Christopher’s
Kids Craft Group  4:30 – 6:00pm every Monday during school term at St Chroistopher’s
Fiacre’s Feast (free community garden) 9am – 12:30pm every Wednesday at St Christopher’s

Ministry Team

Mother Moira Evers

Regular Service Times

Saturday:  6.00 pm Holy Mass Round Table Eucharist, St Christopher’s
Sunday  8.00 am Holy Mass Traditional sung Eucharist, St Christopher’s
Sunday 10.00 am Holy Mass  Traditional sung Eucharist with Sunday School in School terms, St Luke’s
1st Saturday 6.00 pm Messy Mass Relaxed Informal Eucharist Family Friendly with activities for children and shared meals after the service, St Christopher’s
3rd Saturday 6.00 pm Holy Mass Round Table Eucharist post-Mass pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, St Christopher’s
1st Sunday 6.00 pm Tracks – Summertime Informal non-Eucharistic, St Christopher’s
1st Sunday 5.00 pm Tracks – Wintertime Informal non-Eucharistic, St Christopher’s