denman-parishSt Matthias, Denman
St Marks, Wybong
St Martins, Martindale
St Lukes. Widden
St Matthews, Mt Dangar

St Matthias, 35 Palace St, Denman 33 Palace St, Denman NSW 2328 (02) 6547 1149

Parish Organisations

Bible Studies, Bright Buds Playtime, Monthly Mens Breakfast, Healing Service, Holiday Kids Club, First Friday Youth Group, Prayer Chain, 6 times a year Bargain Bazaar, Catering Group, Parish Pickings, Mothers Union, St Matthias Womens Guild, St Matthews/St Lukes Womens Guild, St Martins, Womens Guild, Choir

Ministry Team

Rev’d Anastasia Webster-Hawes
Sheryl Bailey: Caring, Community & Family Ministries
Margaret Jenkins: Growing in Faith
Fran Poole: Daily Worship & Prayer

Regular Service Times

8:30am every Sunday St Matthias, Denman. 35 Palace St, Denman
11am St Marks, Wybong. 2nd Sunday of the month Eucharist service, 4th Sunday of the month Morning Prayer. (Ridgelands Road, Wybong)
2pm St Martins Martindale, 3rd Sunday of the month and 10:30am 5th Sunday of the month. (Martindale Rd, Martindale)
10:30am St Matthews, Mt Dangar. 3rd Sunday of the month. (Mt Dangar Rd, Mt Dangar)
11am St Lukes, Widden. Every 4th Sunday of the month. (Widden Stud) If you wish to attend St Lukes please phone prior to the service to confirm that it is being held.

Parish Profile

Parish Profile Denman