Baptism is seen as the beginning of a life of faith.

Many children get baptised in an Anglican Church as a way of joining God’s family. By bringing a child to baptism, parents are often giving a sign that they encourage the development of their child’s body and soul in partnership with God.

Through baptism, and by joining God’s family, children are beginning life as a Christian and are encouraged to belong, learn and share in a certain way of life.

Of course, many parents also enjoy the opportunity for celebration of new life.

Adults can also be baptised. This may occur when someone turns to God later in life. It is an opportunity to make a public profession of faith and commitment.

Becoming Baptised

Baptism arrangements vary slightly throughout the Diocese. Most of the time you will meet with your local Anglican priest who will explain the process at their church and arrange the details with you directly.

You are welcome to contact your local church and ask any questions without committing to a baptism.

Please contact your local parish for detailed information.

Why Do We Use Water?

Water is a sign of cleansing and new life. The priest will pour baptismal water over the forehead of the child.

The baptismal water used in conjunction with prayers, cleanses the child being baptised of sin and prepares them for this new life.