Young All Saints Anglican Church pastors set to reopen Anna Bay church

The lights to the Peace Lutheran Church in Anna Bay were turned back on last weekend (24-25 September), and flicking the switch were three young men who are spearheading its revival.

Jack Torr, 17, Josh Govan, 16, and Liam Kearton, 17, will run the Anna Bay church, which closed in December 2013.

Helped by other young pastors from All Saints Anglican Church, the young men will run activities and short Saturday afternoon ceremonies each week.

“Sunday mornings are busy for families and that’s why our meetings are going to be held on Saturdays at 5pm,” Mr Torr said. “You can still do sport and go to the beach and then come and join us.”

Reverend Kesh Govan, rector of All Saints, said it was unique to let youth pastors run a church, but the three were full of passion and drive.

“We’re very excited about this new venture and we’re looking forward to working with local community groups and organisations and being actively involved in making a difference,” he said.

The doors to the Gan Gan Road church were reopened on Saturday September 24. There was a free community barbecue and traditional family games followed by a short thanks giving service at 5pm.

(Article by Port Stephens Examiner)