Volunteer for SRE (School Scripture) – all it takes is 1 hour!*

As the new school year takes form, Hunter SRE (School Scripture) is calling for volunteers to teach SRE in local schools across the Diocese.

Already in 2016, Hunter SRE has had over 10 new Anglican SRE teachers start. There are over 200 Anglican SRE teachers in this Diocese.

By becoming a volunteer SRE teacher you are joining the largest ministry to children in NSW.

Are you a fulltime or part time worker? Are you a uni student or looking for valuable work experience? Teaching SRE is not just for retired people…we are asking people  to think more flexibly about ministry. Increasingly SRE or school Scripture teachers are coming from the working and student  population.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a Primary School within walking distance or a 10 minute drive from your uni, work or home?
  • Do you…go to the gym, catch up with friends or do other activities during between classes, study or at lunch?
  • Do you enjoy working with kids?

It takes just 1 hour* a week to teach scripture (SRE) at a public school, where children are waiting to hear about God and Jesus!

Kate Baker, Diocesan SRE Coordinator, has been teaching SRE for seven years and says a recent survey shows many SRE teachers  in this  Diocese have been teaching SRE for 20 years or more.

“I think SRE is such an enjoyable experience for them and the children, and such a worthwhile use of their time,” Kate said.

“I love it. It’s not only rewarding and enjoyable but it has also helped me too, in developing my knowledge of the bible. I love hearing the kids thoughts and ideas about God”.

“We try and support you as much as possible by having great curriculum material  which is easy to use, mentoring and support when you start, face to face training (or DVD’s if you find it hard to get to the training), and a group of Anglicans who regularly pray for SRE.”

For help or information contact Kate Baker Diocesan SRE Co-ordinator 49263733 katebaker@newcastleanglican.org.au (Work days: 10-2  Mon Wed and Fri)

* On average, plus lesson preparation time of approx.  1 hour.