Vision Day at Belmont North Redhead

On Saturday, July 21, just over half of the parish of Belmont North Redhead got together to seek God for our Theological Vision for the parish.  We began in prayer and contemplation with poems being read stanza by stanza by different voices.  Poems such as the song I don’t want anything to Change by Bonnie Raitt and The Pain of Re-Creation by Noel Davies, helped us to connect with those feelings deep within us that may have pushed back against ideas that sort change.  Parker. J. Palmer’s 5 Habits of the Heart helped us to focus on what really mattered for that day – that we were all there together to seek God’s will for our parish.

Our first session was a Values Auditing exercise that helped us identify 8 values through which we would seek to base all of our actions and activities; Prayer, Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Stewardship, Effective Organisation, Honesty, Family and, Faithful Servant Leadership.

Our next session divided our Vision seekers into groups and we ran a “cafe conversations’ style session around the elements of  Healthy Parish Ministry as found in the Strategic Plan Workbook. As a result, we came up with a wide range of specific goals and objectives to lead us into the next stage of our parish life.

The morning sessions focused on ‘What” we sensed God is calling us to, and in the afternoon we focused on “Where” God is calling us to – which of our centres will become our thriving bustling new ministry and mission centre?  This Sunday we will gather to vote as a parish on the options that came out of that session.

As part of the day we engaged local artist Ben Mitchell to record our vision meeting as a graphic representation.  Ben is a local Newcastle Artist and is moving into the world of Graphic Recording – he is brilliant to work with.