A new video made by The Grainery Church entitled “Better Together” celebrates the shared work of Christians in Newcastle. With 130 “campuses” around Newcastle, the video rejoices in one church ministering together in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Every weekend,” the video narrates, “thousands of my brothers and sisters get together in all sorts of buildings. Each campus of my church has a different expression of worship and community life.”

The video features the Anglican Church of Newcastle and words from Bishop Peter Stuart, along with many other ministers, churches, parishioners and volunteers.

“My church feeds the hungry, is advocating for positive and healthy lifestyles, supporting young families, fighting loneliness and isolation. We serve those who are in pain and those who have a past.”

“We are out on the streets, in schools, community centres and prisons… Jesus has scattered us right across Newcastle… We are the Church of Newcastle”.

Watch it below:

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