Update from the Bishop Nomination Board


The Bishop Nomination Board has been working away quietly as we continue to work towards bringing to the Synod a short list of names for its consideration.

Board members were thrilled with the Diocesan Consultations and the great response to these.  We papered the Diocesan Office meeting rooms with the sheets from these – which made for a very impressive and informative display!

This pleasing response meant that our consultant, Sandy Jones, had much material to work through!  Last week she met with the Board and led them in processing this information further.  The Board was then able to complete the Information Pack, Consultation Report and Selection Criteria.  This was emailed to all Synod Representatives last Friday afternoon.  Thank you to those who have contributed many hours to completing this piece of work.

One side effect of the overwhelming response to the consultations is that the Board is now working on an extended timetable – revised dates (if necessary) will be advised as soon as the Board is able to advise Bishop Peter, Bishop Administrator, more clearly of its progress.

The nomination period is now open, and any member of Synod may nominate persons to be considered.  We hope all Synod members will prayerfully consider this, and that they will read through the information pack as they do so.  All nominations are confidential and will be received at the Diocesan Office only by our Diocesan Chief Executive, Stephen Phillips, and by the Office Assistant to the Board Amanda Zaicos.  We urge members of Synod to honour this confidentiality for the candidates as a way of being respectful towards those who consent to discerning whether this is a call for them.

The nomination period concludes at 5pm on Monday 28 August.  Those nominated will be invited to consent to nominations by the Diocesan Chief Executive, and this final list is passed onto the Board at the end of the nomination and consultation time period.


This year our nomination and selection process is different for us.  The Board are highly engaged and working closely together on behalf of the Diocesan community to bring to the Synod a short list of names of people for the Synod to then further consider. As this is very much a discernment journey we ask you to keep the Board, Synod and nominees in your regular prayers.