This Week Around the Diocese

Halloween Outreach

The Parish of Belmont North Redhead held a Halloween Outreach event. It was a warm, ghoulish spring evening, and preparations for the party had been going on for days. Food had been bought and prepared, gourds had been grown and harvested by The Gourdfather, bought, drilled, cleaned and prepared for decoration. Sand art, slime, and X-Ray paintings had all been set up at tables. All was set in place, ready for the arrival of…them! And come they did, in fact at one point we estimate there were about 120 people at Belmont and Belmont North Redhead parishes’ Halloween Outreach Party. Two parishes and 120 people equal a whole lot of fun.

Kids and parents alike came dressed up. Smiles were to be seen on every child’s face along with happy parents who got to enjoy this time with their children in a safe environment. A lot of planning went into hosting the party; advertising on Facebook, in school bulletins, but mostly it was word-of-mouth that got people to come along. Personal invitation! Imagine that – all the advertising and clever marketing in the world will never beat a personal invitation to come along to something at church. Several conversations were had with people looking for youth groups for their tween and teenagers.

Conversations around each table were encouraged by printed Bible verses and questions which had people interacting with their craft and with the Bible ideas that inspired them. The evening closed off with a reading and dramatic acting out of the Pumpkin Parable with a farmer who looked suspiciously like a pirate! Grey Beard, who in his younger days was known and feared as the mighty “Black Beard the Pirate Priest”, told a ghost story from the bible to a scared little Penny who was a little scared about Halloween.

The disciples were all in a boat and a storm was all about when out of the mist they thought they saw a ghost – A ghost??? Everyone, run to the hills! But wait! It isn’t a ghost after all. No, it’s Jesus – walking on the water and calming the storm. And, because Jesus loves us, he calms our fears as well. As Christians we are often told to avoid Halloween – but here is how two parishes were able to work together to create a memorable experience that the kids and their families will be talking about till next year again! And many of them will come to Christmas services, and here the Gospel, and find the inner yearning of their heart is satisfied in Jesus.

Newcastle Grammar School Celebrates a Centenary

Newcastle Grammar School has been celebrating 100 years throughout 2018. They held their Centenary Ball recently – a fabulous way to end their celebrations.

Cake Decorating Challenge

The youth group at Wingham Parish had an awesome time at youth group this week with their cake decorating challenge. As you can see there is some great talent amongst the group and some who, as you can see, are just addicted to sugar.

Sensational Seniors Concert

Check out the fun had at Anglican Care’s latest Sensational Seniors Concert at Taree. Special thanks go to the students of Taree High School for their incredible performances which including their indigenous dance troupe, singing group and girls dance group. Not forgetting the amazing solo artist Mick Fetch. A fabulous day was had by all.

All Souls at Singleton

A special time at Singleton Parish on October 31 to remember those who have died during the past year. In a quiet, reflective service, it was good to give thanks to those who have gone before us.
May they rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen.

Deconsecration of Lostock Church

St John’s church at Lostock was deconsecrated on 20 October 2018.

Jazz Cafe at Nelson Bay

All Saints, Nelson Bay hosted a Jazz Cafe and Markets recently. The local community came flooding in to take advantage of the fabulous music, food and market stalls.

Murrundi Pet Blessing

The Parish of Murrundi had a great afternoon of fellowship at their annual community Pet Blessing service this week.

Standing Together for White Ribbon Day

Samaritans Taree office have come together to knit a special project in the lead up to White Ribbon Day. The team have loved the opportunity for staff to come together, learn a new skill and to rediscover the love of creating something that has meaning. We can’t wait to see the final result.

Newcastle Grammar School celebrate Hunter Week

Hunter Week at Newcastle Grammar School was spent celebrating strengths and thinking about what makes a meaningful life. The House Chapels and Hunter Days on both Hill and Park Campus were absolutely beautiful and raised over $5000 for The NGS Vietnam Project, Allambi Care and PESA.

50 Years at Boolaroo

The Parish of Cardiff shared these great photos from the 50th Anniversary of Consecration celebrations at All Saints, Boolaroo.

All Soul’s at Cardiff

St Thomas’, Cardiff came together for an All Soul’s Service this week. Grant rest eternal unto them O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them.

DIY Prayer Desks

The team at Lakes Anglican made their own prayer desks this week making it their own. “When we understand that God can restore all things that are old and make them new great things can happen.”