Students Perform at Ecumenical World Day of Prayer

Year 6 students from Manning Valley Anglican College were special guests as they performed at the recent “Ecumenical World Day of Prayer” event held at St Matthew’s, Wingham, this week.

World Day of Prayer at Stroud

Stroud church’s participation in Friday’s World Day of Prayer included a great morning tea, speaker Dr Julianne Stewart, and an interesting introduction to Suriname in northern South America.

Callum Close Appointed New Role

Congratulations to Callum Close who was recently welcomed to his new role as Sub Organist at the Cathedral this week. “Callum’s commitment, dedication, and joy is a great gift. Very happy to welcome Callum Close as Sub Organist of the Cathedral. Callum has been the organ scholar for the past several years, and we are excited to work with him in this new role.” Callum (right) is pictured with Director of Music, Peter Guy.

New Look Op Shop

The Parish of Southlakes has proudly shared some photos of their newly refurbed Op Shop.

Recognising our volunteers

The Parish of Denman has shared these great photos of some of the hard-working volunteers in the parish. “Just another Monday morning for these 2 hard working ladies. Doreen (seated) has been sorting clothes for 20 years and Carolyn has joined the team in recent years. Many thanks to both of you and all the others who come and help sort clothes for the shop.”

Lakes Anglican Launch 628create

The Parish of Lakes Anglican launched their first 628create with the help of Margaret Tye and Jane Molloy and Sarah Cooper.


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