Guys and Guitars at Nelson Bay

Some great photos of guys and their guitars at All Saints, Anna Bay.

Tower Tour at Christ Church Cathedral

Great photos on Cathedral Tower on Sunday 28 May 2017 following its rededication and official reopening. Pictured L-R: David Compton (Project manager), Bill Jordan (Heritage engineer) His Excellency the Governor, General Hurley, Mrs Hurley, Bishop Peter Stuart.

Garden of Eden

Great weather this week for Barney’s Club at Mt Vincent and Weston Parish which meant that the group could get outside for some fun, a few games of handball and soccer before heading inside. Miss K taught a lesson and they continued our work on our Garden of Eden tree from last week.

Messy Mass at Branxton Greta Lochinvar

A most enjoyable and somewhat messy gathering.

Parish of Telarah-Rutherford

The parish hosted a good old fashioned Sunday Roast this week… a wonderful time had by all.

A Morning of Celebrations at Cardiff

Lovely to admit these young people to communion…


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