Followers of Jesus at Cardiff

The Parish of Cardiff held another Mass & Meal this week. They learnt about being followers of Jesus, and pies for dinner! Yum!

Toddler Time at Forster-Tuncurry

The kiddies at the Forster-Tuncurry Toddler Time Thanked God for caterpillars and butterflies this week.

Faith & Fellowship at Wingham

The Faith & Fellowship at Wingham Church had a lot of fun with a cake decorating contest with the mums for Mother’s Day. Lots of fun, ribboning twirling and singing as they discovered Jesus truly is the only Way.

Barney’s Club Fun

The Barney’s Club of Mt Vincent and Weston Parish was in full swing this week. One of the children became the photographer during activities, so we see what was happening from a child’s perspective, as well as group shots of craft time and a close up of a flextangle.

Nelson Bay Celebrates Volunteers

The Parish of Nelson Bay celebrated Volunteer Week at Harbourside Haven Nursing Home & Hostel

Terrigal Knits Beanies for Seafarers

The lovely people at Holy Trinity Terrigal have generously knitted beanies to give to to sea people who call in to The Mission to Seafarers in Newcastle.. just another quiet way they go about mission within the Church.


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