Is a community garden an act of communion? The Rev’d Peter Anderson, OLM at Stockton, believes that it is does provide significant encouragement for interaction between the wider community and the church – an act of communion indeed!

The garden, which has developed over this year, and that will soon have 10 beds, has seen people not previously associated with the church both helping and harvesting.

The parish, which have provided most of the labour, is very indebted for the professional help given by a horticulturist with the design and the nature of the plantings. And she is a close neighbour! Tuesday afternoons become alive with activity. Parents know that their children can safely play in the grounds while they garden.

The project also has the support of the Newcastle City Council which provided them with a start-up grant for this community initiative, the Newcastle Port Corporation and Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group.

The Rev’d Peter says, “It is pleasing to see folk who are not known to me, come into the grounds and pick some greens.

“One idea we had at the beginning was that it would be good if we could complement the dry goods from our parish pantry with some fresh food. The garden helps with this. God is good!”

The parish would welcome enquiries from anyone considering a similar project.



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