This Friday 22 November is White Ribbon Day, and the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle has encouraged parishes to be involved. White Ribbon actively advocates against domestic violence and strives to raise awareness of the incidence and trauma resulting from domestic violence, particularly against women. While the Australian organisation has recently closed, they have encouraged supporters to continue alongside the international White Ribbon movement. Find out more about White Ribbon Day.

Last Sunday 17 November, Christ Cathedral Cathedral dedicated their Evensong to the White Ribbon initiative. Prayers were shared for all people impacted by domestic violence and especially families where domestic violence has resulted in death.

Support for White Ribbon Day was part of a motion supported by Synod a few weeks ago. The Diocese formally acknowledged and gave thanks for the continuing work of parishes in collaboration with the Samaritans in relation to Recognising Respectful Relationships and standing against Domestic and Family Violence.

During the session of the Synod, the following video by ‘Our Watch’ was shown: “Australia has a choice. We can change the story that currently sees a woman murdered every week by a current or former partner. We can choose a future where women and their children live free from violence.”

Parishes are also requested to support the “Thursdays in Black” an initiative of the World Council of Churches to overcome gender based violence. Find out more about Thursdays in Black.

In addition to these resources, the Newcastle Anglican Diocese’s Social Justice Taskforce have a number of online resources that can be downloaded and displayed at churches and organisations:

Social Justice Task Force


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