In the lead up to Christmas, we asked children from public school SRE classes to share, “What Christmas means to me…”

Lacey, aged 7: “It’s a time when all my family and friends talk about Jesus and get lots of presents.”

Cindy, aged 11: “I think Christmas is a time for us to come together and celebrate God giving us the 9 fruits of the Spirit, eternal life and cleansing our sins through Jesus’ death, and resurrection, the best present of all.”

Ellie, aged 10: “I think that Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends and thank God for all he gives us. He made us and gave us eternal life. I like getting to do parts in the Nativity play.

Eliza, aged 6: “We go to visit grandparents, celebrate Christmas, get presents. And have a special birthday cake for Jesus, which Grandma makes.”

Elliott, aged 11: “Christmas is a special time of the year, to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and to think about what that means for us.”

Sebastian, Year 4: “It’s important that we come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, and to worship Him, just as it says in John 3:13.”


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