Anglican Care’s Bishop Tyrrell Place in Cundletown hosted their annual “Pet Therapy Day” on Tuesday 9th October which encouraged both staff and family members to join in the fun of the day by bringing in their pets for the residents to interact with for the day.

The brainchild of local Damian Grauls, from Sudexo who are contracted to provide hospitality services, brought in everything from horses to guinea pigs, snakes to lambs and even a few babies of varying species for everyone to enjoy.

The interaction between animals and residents is nothing new for Bishop Tyrrell Place, having established the first “Care Farm” for residents in NSW in 2010. For many of the residents who have come from a rural life of living on farms, this has played an enormous role in helping them to live a happier, healthier life.

“The research on regular interaction with animals shows that it improves cognitive functioning, balances emotional concerns and increases enthusiasm and interest,”  said Kylie Jacques, Marketing Manager, Anglican Care.

The event included a variety of activities for residents, staff and family members to get involved and have fun! The day started with morning tea and a pet parade, followed by time to take a photo with various reptiles and cuddly soft pets. The day concluded with a BBQ lunch.

Being in school holidays the event not only provided the opportunity for residents to interact with the animals but also spend quality time with younger family members in a relaxed atmosphere.


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