When we think of the Christmas nativity we think of Mary and Joseph, with baby Jesus, accompanied by the angel, the shepherd and the sheep. But did you know that Batman and Spiderman also celebrated the birth of Jesus? Well in 2015 they did… and in 2016 they can again.

Rev’d Kesh Govan and his wife Catherine of All Saints’ Nelson Bay are once again inviting the diocesan and wider community to celebrate the story of Christmas at their annual Fancy Dress Christmas Party on Christmas Eve.

This year will be third celebration, with 170 people coming to the church last year.

“It’s a great way for the church to reach out to the community at Christmas. It’s still the Christmas story,” the Rev’d Kesh said.

“Everyone gets to dress up in what they want. It’s not a case of just dressing up as Joseph or Mary; people come dressed as them anyway… we need that, we need the main characters.”

A variety of costumes are seen in the church on Christmas Eve, everything from Batman to fat Santa, and even the Christmas turkey.

“We tell the Christmas story as it is, and then we add the extra characters,” the Rev’d Kesh added.

The hope is that this year is even bigger than previous years, with the message being shared across the community through word-of-mouth, the church noticeboard and Facebook. The aim of the event is to enable the church to engage with the people of the community.

“We get people mostly from the community coming to the Fancy Dress Party and they absolutely love it. They always come back and end up bringing their friends with them,” the Rev’d Kesh said. 

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