Samaritans Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Brad Webb as Samaritans CEO.

Brad has been Samaritans Deputy CEO – Strategy and Innovation since 2017 and has recently been in the role of Acting CEO. He has led Samaritans through continued sector change while over-seeing key projects that strengthen Samaritans governance, technology and processes.

Chair of Samaritans Board, Jenny Cappellacci said, “Brad’s dedication to the core values of Samaritans is evidenced through his enthusiastic and collaborative approach to leadership.”

Originally from the private sector, Brad has been working in the NGO and public sectors for over 14 years, including 11 years in executive management with the Hunter Medical Research Institute.

He also has experience in strategic management consultancy to government agencies and NGOs, and has been a member of many public sector and NGO boards and committees.

Brad is committed to serving the NGO sector, and to strengthening connections and working relationships with other NGO agencies, government, and the private sector in order to create real and lasting change.

“Samaritans has played a key role in supporting the community for nearly 34 years. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to build on this legacy and to lead a team of outstanding and dedicated people in our services,” he said.

“Every time I visit a service, or meet somebody we support, I am humbled by the compassion, the commitment, and the determination of our people to make a real difference to another person’s life.”

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