On the evening of 21st October at St Luke’s church, the Woy Woy parish had the privilege of hosting Kirra Pendergast, a highly regarded training provider certified by the eSafety Commissioner, to speak on social media and how to take control of our own online experience.

Kirra spoke on privacy issues, cyber bullying, legal responsibilities, and many more important topics. A highlight was how to create a positive digital footprint and the potential impact on a young (or not so young) person’s future. Popular social media apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter etc. were discussed, their advantages and dangers, the collection of metadata, and how it is used by tech companies.

The evening was very well attended, not only from Woy Woy parish, but other churches and members of the wider community. Adults and kids alike learned so much and we all went home to immediately tidy up our settings and have some very vital conversations with our loved ones.  As a parish we’d like to thank our rector Fr Michael Davies for championing this initiative, and Sandy Wyatt, our Safe Ministry officer, for organising it all.


Fr Michael Davies, Kirra Pendergast, Sandy Wyatt


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