Over the past two weeks (August 2-12), the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle has been the subject of the most recent case study for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

This has been a confronting and painful time for the Diocese and one of intense scrutiny, as we heard evidence from survivors and their families, as well as those who were in positions of authority within the Diocese.

It was originally anticipated that the public hearings would be complete by Friday 12 August, but the evidence heard over the past two weeks has necessitated the Royal Commission to extend the hearings beyond this date.

The Royal Commission will continue its public hearing in Newcastle from Monday 29 to Tuesday 30 August 2016 commencing at 10am, and if necessary, beyond that in Sydney.

Throughout this time we encourage you to continue in your praying for one another, and for those most directly impacted.

Our first concern remains with survivors and those closest to them. Everyone who has been abused or who has information about abuse is urged to come forward – You will be heard and your matters will be taken very seriously. Visit www.newcastleanglicanhealthyfuture.com to find out how you can tell your story.

Discussing and hearing of child sexual abuse can be difficult. If you feel you need to talk to someone, there are support services to help you. You can find out more about seeking support at www.newcastleanglicanhealthyfuture.com

To find out more about the Royal Commission, click here

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