On the Wednesday of Holy Week the Diocesan family gathered at the Cathedral to reflect on ministry, renew ministry vows, and bless the holy oils for the coming year.  This is in line with the wider church’s tradition of blessing oils and renewing ordination vows in holy week of each year.  This year’s gathering, while a long tradition of the Diocese was also new for us.

We began the day with 3 reflections on ministry today by the Reverends Kesh Govan, Marianne Reynolds, and Moira Evers.  Each reflected in a different way on the core of their ministry.  Common themes which emerged were about ministry as faithfulness, engagement with the wider community, prayer, and on being where God calls us to be rather than where we think we want to be.  The timeless practices of ministry were reflected on and encouraged by each of our speakers.  Following each of these presentations the gathered congregation had a time of quiet to reflect on the presentation just heard.

The morning then progressed to the Oils Eucharist.  In this service Bishop Peter reflected with us on our ministry as a Diocese today and shared some of his personal reflections on what this time in our life is like, and on our call as God’s people in these days.

During the service the laity, deacons, priests, and bishop each renewed their commitment to ministry.

As we moved towards communion the oils of healing, commitment (oil of the catechumens), and of blessing (chrism) were brought forward and blessed by Bishop Peter.  These oils will be used in the parishes of the Diocese in the coming year as a part of the sacramental ministries of blessing, healing and setting apart.

The Dean, The Very Reverend Stephen Williams, lit a candle which will burn until the end of the liturgical year, as we pray for all survivors of abuse and violence.

It was good for us as a Diocesan family to come together in this way, to be fed by word and sacrament (and by the Cardiff Catering Guild), and to be as one in committing to the ministry before us in this next year.


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