The strong connection between the Diocese of Newcastle and Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) was rekindled at a special gathering held at the Diocesan head office on Friday September 21.

Guests from across the diocese heard Dr Julianne Stewart, Africa Programs Coordinator, speak of the ABM difference and were updated on some of ABM’s work. Together the group established some ways the diocese can strengthen our ABM support.

“For nearly all of my life as a Christian I have been inspired by the work of ABM,” Bishop Peter said.

“ABM has had a leading role in connecting and serving churches in the Anglican Communion especially churches in our nearest national neighbours. From the missionaries of former years, to emergency relief, to education and health projects ABM has been at the forefront of making a difference shaped by the Gospel and drawing on the gifts God has given our partner churches.”

“Along the way, Anglicans in Australia have learnt so much as we have witnessed the grace of Christ lived by Christians in other places.”

A highlight of the event was the presentation of ABM’s Coaldrake Award which was given to ten recipients in acknowledgement of their past and present service to ABM in various capacities and over many years. The Coaldrake medal, named after the Rev’d Canon Frank Coaldrake who served as a missionary and later as Chairman of the ABM Board, is a means to recognise the valuable contribution of former ABM missionaries and staff members.

The Coaldrake recipients were Chris Garland, Nancy Garland, Fr Philip Thirlwell, Margaret Thirlwell, Noelene Jeffs, Donald Mortimer, Rosemary Mortimer, Melbourne Nelson, Gary Parker, and Benita Parker.


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