Endowment Fund – Payment Instruction Form

APO Fact Sheets

Clergy Leave Form

Long Service Leave Form

Locum Payment Request Form


Board and Committee Nomination Form

Induction Checklist for New Employees or Voluntary Workers

Volunteer Worker’s Application Registration

Facilities Hire Agreement

Hire Agreement Safety Induction Checklist

Please visit the Insurance page of the Parish Portal 

Mission Remittance Form

Information Pack
2021 Annual General Meeting & Annual Parish Returns – Information Pack

Annual General Meeting Forms:
2a. AGM Checklist
2b. Meeting Notice (Fillable Word Form)
2c. Preliminary Nomination Form (Fillable Word Form)
2d. Nomination, Declaration and Certificate of Election Form
2e. Declaration of Qualified to hold an Office (Fillable Word Form)
2f. Position Descriptions and Responsibilities

Annual Parish Returns Forms:
3a. Annual Parish Return – Form (Fillable Word Form)
3a. Annual Parish Return – Additional Building Checklist (Fillable Word Form)
3d. Building Inspection Guidelines
3e. 2020 Mission Giving Target

Faculty Application Form – Updated August 2019

Application Form for Developing, Refurbishing, Maintaining, Selling or Purchasing Parish Property and Related Matters

For all safe ministry and licensing application forms, please refer to our Safe Ministry Screening and Ministry Clearance Requirements page.

SRE Orientation Information Booklet




Synod Representative Preliminary Nomination Form 2020

Synod Representative Nomination Form: Nomination, Declaration and Certificate of Election 2020

Declaration of attendance by Electors

For everything you need to know about Work Health & Safety visit our WHS page.

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