Our vision

People flourishing
because of what we do,
inspired by the way of Jesus.

Our mission

nurturing vibrant ministry in parishes and regions

  • promoting healthy and sustainable ministry;
  • reassigning physical, financial and people resources;
  • enhancing community engagement and evangelism;

alleviating human need and addressing injustice

  • listening carefully to the people we serve;
  • delivering high-quality, person-centred, and cost-effective services;
  • ensuring excellence in end-of-life care for older people through our aged care ministry and work;
  • promoting reconciliation and inclusivity;
  • enabling redress for those who have been harmed;
  • engaging in advocacy for just social and economic policies.

investing in children and young people

  • providing quality education and care through accessible and affordable Anglican schools;
  • supporting early intervention strategies that enable children to have the best possible start in life;
  • engaging in the delivery of Special Religious Education in public schools;
  • encouraging parish-based children, youth and family ministries.

supporting clergy, staff and volunteers

  • investing in the development of present and future clergy;
  • strengthening recruitment and induction processes to attract and retain high quality people;
  • enhancing training, review, mentoring, and career development opportunities;
  • strengthening wellbeing initiatives.

participating in the world as global citizens

  • creating a sustainable future by promoting awareness and action on environmental issues;
  • participating in reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • supporting Anglican Communion partners.

Our outcomes are shaped by placing the people we support and serve at the centre of our work

Anglican Care within the income available to it enable
* each older person supported by Anglican Care to maintain active lives, health, dignity and happiness.
* older people to receive excellent end of life care
* family and friends to have confidence in the safety and wellbeing of their aging relative/friend who is supported by Anglican Care
Samaritans within the income available to it enable
* people living with a disability to take charge of their lives and participate fully in their key environments
* children and young people to overcome challenges and experience the best start in life
* people experiencing crisis to get their lives back on track
* the voice of people accessing our services to be amplified so that their needs and aspirations are heard
* family and friends of people accessing our services to have confidence in their relatives/friends development, safety and wellbeing
Anglican Schools within the income available to them enable
* each student to be curious and self-confident learners, with a broad and deep knowledge base, and passion for learning
* each student to develop an age-appropriate values, belief and ethical system informed by the Anglican approach to Christianity
* each student to achieve their maximum personal, academic, sporting, creative and cultural potential
* parents and care givers to actively support the education and development of their child
* parents and care givers to have confidence in their child’s safety, wellbeing and educational development
Parishes, operating in a fiscally responsible manner, enable people to
* know and worship God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit
* receive spiritual and religious ministry
* grow in knowledge of God and Christian living
* serve their church and local community
* proclaim the Christian faith to others
*promote positive changes in society promoting social justice and equality
* engender a sense of environmental responsibility and action

Values and Practices

As a Diocese this will be expressed within our ethos and in accordance with these values and core practices


  • Compassion – recognising, serving and supporting all who are suffering
  • Integrity – promoting honesty and equity
  • Justice – pursuing healthy communities and enabling the common good
  • Faith – relating with God, and finding meaning and purpose
  • Courage – engaging uncertainty and difficulty with dignity
  • Wisdom – acquiring and applying knowledge and insight

Core Practices

  • Person Centred – Placing the people we support and serve at the centre of work. 
  • Excellence – meeting and exceeding community best-practice expectations.
  • Inclusivity – respecting, valuing and celebrating the distinct gifts and contribution of each person irrespective of ability, gender, sexuality, race, age, or association with the church.
  • Safety – assuring the people we support of their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and moral safety in our services and empowering them to make informed choice about the risks they will embrace.
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Care – ensuring the availability of high quality spiritual and pastoral care, to the people we support, our clergy, staff and volunteers.
  • Sustainability – ensuring the financial viability and profitability of our operations to ensure our long-term commitment and support to this region.

Strategic Focus for the Agencies and Schools

The Strategic Focus through the NAC for our agencies (Anglican Care, Samaritans and Samaritans Housing) and the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation and the four schools is expressed as

We will deliver consistently accredited, financially sustainable, safe and quality services, education and ministry within an agreed risk framework which engage and empower people and that have a strong connection with our Anglican identity and purpose, and that have a positive impact. 

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