On Saturday, June 30 Nicole Baldwin, Jacqueline Drewe and Philip Morris will be ordained to the diaconate at Christ Church Cathedral.

Earlier this week we asked the ordinands to take time out to let us know how they might anticipate being changed in ordination to the diaconate.

Nicole Baldwin, to serve as Honorary Deacon in the parish of Cessnock, said, “The call to ordained life, for me, is not a destination, but is rather an ongoing journey of change and growth, for which I am privileged to be part of.

“Being ordained to the Diaconate will mean being drawn into a deeper, closer relationship with God, as I respond to the call that has been placed upon my life. It is a privilege to be able to serve God and God’s people as the Holy Spirit directs and guides me.”

Jacqueline Drewe, to serve as Honorary Deacon in the Cathedral parish, said, “Early in the second century, Ignatius described deacons as being ‘entrusted with the business of Jesus Christ’. Diaconal ministry is deeply incarnational: deacons are called to live Christ’s mission through deep, life-giving engagement in the world, and to lead others in that mission.

“I am passionate about the power of the gospel to transform lives and communities, so for me, becoming a deacon is about faithful service to Jesus’ radical, transformative vision of a world made whole as God intended it. By God’s grace, my ordination to the diaconate will help me grow and flourish in the ministry of making Christ known.”

Philip Morris, to serve as Honorary Deacon in the parish of Wallsend, said “I believe that once I am ordained deacon then I will be able to help people more and by doing so I will be better able to serve my parish and the community. I will be able to live more on the cusp of the Church having one foot on the outside and the other on the inside in order to assist those who are seeking. As a deacon I will be able to also assist those who morn and those who ask for baptism. To be a beacon for God in a more affirming manner.

“There is still the unknown for all of us and I am excited to continue on this journey and the greater journey for our Diocese.”

The retreat conductor and preacher will be Bishop Charlie Murry. Bishop Charlie encourages us to continue to pray for the ordinands.

“Nicole, Jacqui and Phil have given themselves wholeheartedly to the process of formation for ordained ministry. Please continue to pray with me for them. May the retreat be a gift to them. May they each find themselves poised and present at the ordination, still and open as the Church gathered affirms the distinct character of their callings to proclaim alongside us the gospel of salvation.”

Date: Saturday 30 June
Time: 10am
Venue: Christ Church Cathedral

All welcome.

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