Many in our Diocese recently celebrated the ordinations of Jesse Baker, Zeb McKrell, Melanie Whalley and Angela Peverell into the Diaconate. Historically, a service for the ordination of Deacons has taken place in Christ Church Cathedral. This year however, for the first time ordination services took place in the four parishes where each deacon has been ministering – Camden Haven, Cessnock, Singleton and Christ Church Cathedral.

“It was lovely for parishioners who have been supporting each of these people on their journey to ordination to be part of those services,” Bishop Sonia said. “They were joyous occasions.”

“The services were a great occasion of celebration and hospitality from parishes,” Bishop Peter said, “It was a delight to be with the Diocesan family over those four days.”

Also for the first time, Bishop Peter delegated the ordinations of the deacons who are in the regions of Assistant Bishops, Charlie and Sonia.

Bishop Sonia said: “It was such a privilege to look someone in the eye as they made their ordination vows, to see the depth in which they responded to those vows and what that meant for them.”

Bishop Charlie said: “Each of the services had its own wonderful flavour, greater than the sum of fitting preaching and matching music. Each candidate seemed free to be spontaneously themselves in their moment of solemn commitment.”

If you would like to pray for Jesse, Melanie, Zeb and Angela, we asked them a couple of weeks ago how the Diocese could do that…

Jesse: “Pray that I will continue to obtain the skills, wisdom and humility necessary for faithfully lead the people of God into maturity.”

Zeb: “With joy, that Jesus stirs up in people vocations. That even in this climate of decline and unsurety, God works in the hearts of people driving people like me to give our life to God.”

Melanie: “Please pray for my family during this time of change. Please also, pray for me as I prepare to take the next step on following God’s call on my life.”

Angela: “Pray for me for continued courage, humility and faithfulness to pursue my call to serve God. I ask for the Diocese to help me have the strength and resilience, and to help me to live out my calling to be God’s church in the world.”

Deacons will be ordained as priests in Christ Church Cathedral in November.

Jesse Baker, 27th June, Camden Haven

Zeb McKrell, 28th  June, Cessnock 

Melanie Whalley, 29th June, Singleton 

Angela Peverell, 30th June, Christ Church Cathedral 


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