On December 9, the Rev’d Michael Marklew, the Rev’d Amanda Brockwell, the Rev’d Helen Quinn, the Rev’d Greg Colby and the Rev’d Melinda McMahon will be ordained to the priesthood at Christ Church Cathedral. John Quilter will also be made deacon.

The Ordinands gathered at Christ Church Cathedral on Tuesday afternoon for a rehearsal with Bishop Peter and Dean Katherine.

Meet the Ordinands, L-R: Rev’d Amanda Brockwell, Rev’d Greg Colby, Rev’d Melinda McMahon, Rev’d Michael Marklew, Rev’d Helen Quinn and Dr John Quilter

Bishop Peter passed on some words of wisdom and prayer to the Ordinands who are now on a silent retreat in Kincumber.

There was a mixed response from the Ordinands as they prepared for the silent retreat.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Dr John Quilter said. “It will be a chance to be quiet and reflect and pray, and to catch up with what is happening.”

For Rev’d Greg Colby, the silent retreat will be a relief. “I spend an awful lot of time talking any other time, so spending some time not talking and listening to the Holy Spirit is what I am looking forward to.”

After just over two weeks of full-time Clinical Pastoral Education at the John Hunter Hospital, Rev’d Amanda Brockwell is “feeling rather joyous about a silent retreat.”

“The value of being able to totally focus on listening to God at this critical transitional time is inestimable,” she said.

The Ordinands rehearse for the weekend

The Rev’d Helen Quinn describes the time as overwhelming, “I keep wondering if this is really happening to me. I’m impatient, I want to get on with the job.”

“For an extrovert, it is totally unnatural! But I am looking forward to saying to Jesus, ‘Finally, no distractions,'” the Rev’d Melinda McMahon added. “Silent mealtimes, however, are totally weird.”

The Rev’d Michael Marklew concurs with Rev’d Melinda, “I don’t do silent retreats well at the best of times (yes I am a bit of a talker), let alone while considering the weight of passages like James 3:1 on my life…”.

The ordination will take place at Christ Church Cathedral on this Saturday December 9 at 10am. All welcome.

The Ordinands rehearse for the weekend

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