Samaritans has launched a new digital resource for young people to be a voice against abuse, identify abuse when it occurs and know where to go to seek help.  The ‘Oi’ App will help raise awareness and drive much-needed conversation around the issue of domestic and family violence.

Samaritans has worked closely with their youth services teams to gain insights into the kinds of questions young people ask, the support services available and their interactions with digital media, such as Apps.

The Oi App has been developed for iOS and Android platforms and includes an interactive quiz, an option to pledge to never commit or remain silent about abuse and share across social media, frequently asked questions about abuse and domestic violence, as well as a library of support services available for those who may be at risk, or who need someone to talk to.

In 2016 Samaritans received grant funding for the project through the Optus Future Makers program and has since partnered with local creative agency, Headjam to develop the digital resource.

The App that empowers you to be a voice against abuse.

Join the Community

Download the App to join the Oi Community! As a member of the Oi Community you are empowering others to understand that abuse is never OK. It is your space to feel supported and to support each other. Take comfort knowing that as our Oi Community continues to grow, you are never alone.

– Sign the pledge to take a stance against abuse
– Complete the quiz to find out if your attitude and beliefs about abuse are the same as others
– See how many people are part of the Oi community
– Access to a list of support services that can help you if you are experiencing abuse
– Find out the answers to some of the most common questions young people have about abuse.


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