Nominations for Bishop of the Diocese closed last Monday afternoon, August 28.  The members of the Board thank all of those who have submitted names for its consideration, reflection and prayer.

We also reaffirmed strongly at our meeting the importance of confidentiality – as a way to respect, support and care for all nominees, and as a way to enable the Board to work diligently and effectively.  We did so remembering that all those nominated to us are leaders in our church whose nominators believe them to be outstanding clergy and people.  We wish to honour that as we discern with them their sense of call to this ministry.  The Board encourages all nominators, Synod members, and all in the wider Diocesan family to join us in this practice by (1) maintaining confidentiality also, and (2) refraining from speculation and gossip.  In this way we hope to discern well whilst respecting those whose names are before us.

The closing date for receiving consent from nominees to indicate whether or not they are willing to enter into a time of mutual discernment with the Board is Monday September 11.  Until that date the names of nominees is unknown to Board members.  The Board then has much work to do on your behalf.

We do value your prayers.  And we wish to assure you that we are enjoying working together in this way.


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